Manifesto de Bliss

I just re-read our Manifesto after 5 years, and I have to say it still holds true! I love what we do and am so grateful for all of our supporters! Thank You everyone for helping create and being a part of our Blissed Life!! Our Mission is Simple. We believe that […]

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Medical Intuitive/ Reiki Healing Consults  Connect with me from a distance and receive Energetic Healing/Re-balancing, Psychic Feedback, Nutritional Coaching and the tools you need to create instant and lasting feelings of awesomeness.  You can get rid of your story and begin really enjoying your own Blissed Life today. […]

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 Consciousness: Abundance: Gratitude Coaching and Guidance for Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams. Contact Doug at Doug@BlissedLife.com Listen In: You are Abundant Meditation


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