Place Your Orders with the Universe

writing sample lamy vistaHow many times are you just gonna “wish” you had the money to take that trip, or the energy to go to that party, huh? What is it that you really want out of a job, a home, a lover…life?
Well, today I present you with a challenge. I say that whatever your heart desires shall be yours. That’s right! Provided you place that order consciously and that you actually want what you order.
A few months back my guru-spiritual teacher-psychic friend-knowledgeable elder- timeless spirit-person presented me with the same challenge. I was telling her that we needed to find a new place to live because my son is growing and really needs his own bedroom. And, my hubby and I would appreciate some personal space too. In my imagination, I kicked myself in the head because I recalled the promise I made to myself when we signed the lease on the one-bed where we currently live. I made an internal pact not to make another move unless it was to California.
13 years earlier I’d written the same promise in a pink plastic covered diary with a lock and key. It’s something I’ve always known was right for me.
BUT, the man in my life was tied to his career and I found myself giving in, and going on the hunt for places in Chi Town. I do love Chicago, so I wasn’t completely devastated.
My friend asked me what I wanted in a place. I told her “space, cleanliness, convenience.” Blah Blah Blah… All I was thinking was warm weather and the ocean. “Write it down,” she said. “Write down everything you want, and be specific. Then put it up on the fridge and keep looking at it. It will come true. Just understand that it will happen when it is supposed to happen. The Universe works on its own time. Not Yours” (or something like that).
Believe it or not I got the husband to sit down with me over tacos and carefully describe our dream residence on a restaurant napkin. It was fabulous. It said: “3 bedrooms (1 for office), close to water, safety, convenience… Blah Blah Blah…. We hung it on the fridge.
Three weeks passed.
We looked for apartments tirelessly. Our lease was about to expire.
I constantly wished my husband would find a career that made him happier. I constantly envisioned us in California.
After a month the napkin got gross and I threw it out.
Then, we got a strange call from my brother in-law who was super excited to take us out for steak and I was secretly yearning to go even though I don’t eat meat because I felt something amazing was going to happen. My husband is in business with my brother in-law. So, we arrived at the prissy steak house and the BIL and his woman were glowing. Something was up.
Turns out they had some sort of spiritual awakening, got Jesus tattoos and decided to sell the business. And, guess where they decided to move?
That’s right – California.
I almost kissed the guy. Not only could my husband unravel himself from a job that makes him complain, but we could move to our true dream home and even bring some family with us.
I placed my true order in my mind. As soon as Joan suggested I do it, I knew what I really wanted. So, I didn’t get any of that stuff I would’ve settled for. I’m still in my one bed apartment with an extended lease and a plan to be out by September.
Can this work for you? Consider a situation you wish you could change — a health issue, relationship problem or something even simpler. Now, envision yourself with that problem resolved. How do you look? Who is around you? What are you doing? Write down everything positive that you see. Do you want more money? Why? What will you do with it? If you are going to buy something, envision yourself with it, using it for good, and write that down.
If you are very specific it will help create a vivid picture in your mind.
Tack that order up on the fridge, wall or somewhere that’s open for you to look at daily.
Do It!
And, please let me know how it works.

image credit: Writing Sample:LamyVista by, Churl

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