Into Bliss: Improving the Way I Eat

This is me in my new "office" Bringing my computer to the beach brings me more BLISS

A few months ago something REALLY crazy, hard, painful and AMAZING happened to me. I’ll share more details soon, I promise, because that event is the reason behind the enhancements I’ve decided to make to my life, my diet, my career and my offering to the world. In the midst of pain I saw what I need to do. And I’ve been acting upon it in a gradual way, which is kinda funny for me, since I usually go after things in a much more bulldozerish way.

So, what’s getting better?

My Diet

I was given the clear message that food not only offers nourishment, but there’s an energy to what we put into our mouths. I understand this on a level I never did before. I used to have Reiki sessions with people and receive clear signs that that they should be eating something like lamb, turkey or cooked rice– all things I wasn’t eating at the time.

So, while the nutritional value of eating animal flesh kind of still boggles me, I completely understand now that we humans do not fully get the intricacies of why we need everything we need. But, we must be open to receive the information about what’s best for us, individually.

I could go on for years about the guilt complex I gave myself (for years) about wanting to eat fish. Because I grew up with lots of seafood and it just felt “right” to me. But, alas the threat of mercury and more importantly the taboo I put on eating a being that once had eyes… you probably know what I mean.

Once, before going to a steak restaurant with family, I had to call Emily Shaules for an impromptu coaching session, just to be able to sit at the table with meat. It was harsh times.

Being a raw vegan has opened me up, cleared my mind, helped me get healthy, and most importantly given me a deep respect for all life. It no longer completely serves my body. I’ve tried countless times to go all raw vegan in the past few months. I don’t have “cravings.” I just don’t feel well with it anymore.

That said, funny enough, I have discovered that somewhere between 70-90% raw with the inclusion of cooked grains, beans, and fish in a balanced way, plus much more fermented foods. I am eating at least half my day’s worth of food fermented like coconut kefir, cultured veggies and other cultured drinks, and this is making me feel like the Cat’s Meow. I love the way I feel. And today this works for me.

I haven’t changed much on the surface. But, internally it was HUGE to eat fish again. I must share that first experience in another blog.

I’m about to read The Vegetarian Myth because EVERYONE is suggesting it. Can’t wait.

During the “event” I mentioned above, the voice of one of my spirit guides shouted at me “You are NOT a vegetarian! Get over it.” It’s taken nearly 6 months for me to actually admit this to myself.

It’s like I wanted to be a vegetarian so that I could be on some healthy high horse. But, if that’s what I really want for myself, I need to be open that my needs have changed.

I cannot wait to tell you everything else that is changing.


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