Every Day is Earth Day: Tips to Save Mama Earth While You Eat

So, what’s it been, like 3 billion years since God created the big bang, and our mother earth was hatched from the golden egg? If it wasn’t for this magnificent planet we live on, where would we be?

Look, this planet not only rocks my world — It IS my world. And each day I commit myself more to making it a healthy and peaceful place.

When You Make the Earth Happy — You are Rewarded with Better Health

  • Did you know that buying local produce not only saves on fuel and supports your community farmer — BUT it’s the best way to ensure you are getting enzyme-rich fresh food? That’s right! And without enzymes you cannot digest your food.  And, without digestion you do not have health at all (80% of your immunity resides in your digestive tract). So, Go to your Farmer’s Market or contribute to Community Supported Agriculture
  • Did you know that unplugging phantom electronics will not only save on your energy bill, but will reduce the amount of electromagnetic fields that pose many health risks? EMFs contribute to disrupting every system of your body. Reduce them and enjoy better health!  That means unplug and get off that computer today.
  • Walking helps reduce stress, strengthen your muscles and even eliminate toxicity.  Walk somewhere today and reduce the stress on our planet!

I know you’ve been alerted to some problems with pollution, who hasn’t? But when the problems seem so big it can be hard to understand how you can help, right?  Well, here’s some ideas:

  • Create a worm bin for compost. These can fit in your home under your sink or in pantry and they do not stink. 🙂  The majority of our waste is food waste and if you can reduce yours you are taking a major step.
  • The next time you go to the beach, bring some gloves and spend 15 minutes cleaning up. 80% of the world’s junk lies in our ocean. A cleaner ocean means healthier fish and water!
  • Get over those plastic bottles. You do not need them! For water, if you need to, buy some gallon jugs of juice and refill them with filtered water or spring water. Use smaller glass bottles, like Kombucha bottles for your personal water bottle, if you cannot afford those expensive designer containers. Plastic not only leeches chemicals into your water (which is linked to cancers), BUT it also takes so much energy to recycle.
  • Plant a tree or 10. Save seeds, replant.. trees are life. They filter the air and create oxygen. Bring plants inside to help reduce the toxicity in the home.
  • Before just dumping the junk think about how it can be re-purposed or donated. Get creative. Last year we made a pretty cool  art piece out of paper towel rolls.
  • Buy some of your furniture from a second hand store. If you don’t, who will? And where will all the stuff go?

The Earth’s magnetic pull is not only healing, but in fact necessary for our health. NASA discovered that as soon as their astronauts left the atmosphere, their bones  began degenerating.  Our planet feeds us in more ways than we understand. You have to figure there’s real reason why we now have manufactured magnetic mats that mimic the earth’s pull.

So many of us have removed ourselves from the potential health benefits of just being outside and soaking in the sunshine, air, water and  all that is our environment — that we now have to manufacture products to create this effect for us.

Soak up the Earth my friends and Love Her back! That’s what we are here for!

And Now for Your Earth Day Cake Recipe



1 cup soaked and dried almonds*

1 cup soaked dried hazelnuts*

1 cup flaked coconut

¼ cup lakanto, birch xylitol or other natural sweetener of choice

Pinch sea salt


3-4 cups of coconut kefir pudding**

2-3 cups oz fresh blueberries (or other berry found at your local farmer’s market)

2 tablespoons coconut butter

Juice of 1 lime

Few drops of stevia to taste


  1. Blend ½ cup almonds with ½ cup  hazelnuts and sweetener in a high-speed blender or food processor until it forms a paste
  2. Add the remaining nuts to blender and roughly chop them
  3. Mix in the coconut flakes by hand
  4. Spread this batter onto a 9” greased glass pie plate and place in freezer to crisp
  5. Rinse your blender
  6. Add 2 cups fresh berries, lime juice and coconut butter to blender and blend until creamy
  7. Add your coconut kefir pudding to blender and blend for about 15 seconds
  8. Add stevia to taste
  9. Place fresh berries on top of your pie
  10. Pour filling into crust and refrigerate until ready to serve
  11. Enjoy with a small glass of young coconut kefir or other fermented drink

*Nuts and seeds must be soaked before eating to remove enzyme inhibitors.

** To make coconut kefir pudding, simply: blend the meat from inside 3 young coconuts in your blender, add ¼ cup young coconut kefir, seal in sterile glass mason jar and set out at room temperature (70-80 degrees F) to ferment for 12-18 hours.

photo credit:  Gaia – EARTH DAY 22 April 2009, By, alicepopkorn

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