What Do You Truly Want to Do?

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When I was a child, my parents told me that I could be anything, as long as I became a doctor or a lawyer first.

I was brought up with the mentality that I needed to get a high paying job that would separate me from the general populace and retire me early.  My parents worked hard for money and they showed us how to follow in their footsteps.  This sounds like a great philosophy, except for the fact that my father used to complain about how hard his life was all the time.

It was his complaining that ended up changing my path.  I never wanted to grow up and resent myself, or worse, someone else.  I know that my father blames my mother for his not getting a more corporate job with less stress and an easier schedule.  He made his decisions based on what others were telling him to do with his life.  We all know these people who are constantly asking us what we are doing with ourselves, and what new job we are trying to get.  No one is ever asking if we feel like we are on the right course.

Are you working towards what makes you happy, and in the same time enjoying what you are doing?  It’s so easy to put your dreams to the side and simply go to work.  Just look at us as a people.  So many of us are at jobs that we can’t stand.  Jobs that make us want to scream at times.

Bosses who have the brain capacity of a gumball that repeat the dribble that they were told to repeat.

You can’t go to work at some stupid job where you sit in front of a screen and fill in useless information into your computer all day.  Unless it is your goal to be unnoticed and under appreciated your whole life, this is not a very good way to keep yourself moving forward.  We all need to search for what makes us happy.  Not what makes our parents and community happy, but what truly makes us smile in the morning just knowing that we are doing the right things with our lives.

Take a good look around you.  Things are becoming automated.  Our unconscious jobs are all becoming mechanized.  Tech support is done more through computer than human now.  The world is forcing us to start using our brains, and we need to be able to see this in a positive light.  You aren’t losing your ability to be dependant on this current system.  You are gaining the ability to use your mind for something a million times better than what you have been.

My wife and I are on the path to make sure that the world wakes up.  That is our Bliss.  We are going to help every person who has decided that they would like to understand themselves better and create something extraordinary out of their time here.  We ALL have something amazing to give to the world.  ALL of us.  We simply need to open our eyes to what we are doing now and what we would love to be doing later.  Maybe your calling is to be a doctor or a lawyer and you are going to change our perverse legal system or cure the world from disease.  What’s important is that we get you on that path to enlightenment now.  The world needs as many free thinkers as possible with how fast our technology is growing.  What do you truly want to do?

4 thoughts on “What Do You Truly Want to Do?

  • I totally feel you on this. I was supposed to be either of those two, or marry either of those two in my parents minds. But as far as I’m concerned, following my true path, my true calling, is soooooo much better & most definitely much more rewarding in all the ways that matter. 🙂

  • Beautiful blog! I was just discussing how I’ve started changes to make my work much more meaningful this morning. Releasing what no longer works and opening the doors for new opportunities. Doing what I truly want to do!

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