I Wanna Be A Vegetarian Again Because She is a Vegetarian

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By, Gina LaVerde

I ate meat. Well, fish. In my family that’s not meat at all and I am still really weird. But, at least I can go out to dinner with my parents and order something “cooked” for cryinoutloud.

I talked about this a little in my post “Into Bliss: Improving the Way I Eat.”  I ate all raw vegan food for about a year, and I felt amazing.  Being all raw for too long (and vegan) got me a lot off balance though. I got sick. And every ounce of me knew that I needed to incorporate fish back into my diet.

The first piece of fish I ate after coming off my high horse ( not eating animal products for at least 3 years) was so hard to eat. I cried, I prayed over it. I was so torn. I thought I could live the rest of my life without eating meat again. But, once I ate that fish, I have to tell you, I felt so much better.

It’s not easy for me to even think about eating flesh — because of the dying sea life, the toxins in the water, our over indulgence, our gluttony and poor treatment of animals. I think it would be easier for me to just remain vegetarian.

But for now, for today — this is right for me.

Food has energy. Energy that goes beyond nutritional power. Food has vibrational energy that helps heal us (if we chose the right food). There is something about the energy of the fish that grounds me.  It makes me feel so balanced. A message from one of my spirit guides told me that I am NOT a vegetarian, and that I just have to get used to that.

Funny thing is that I don’t enjoy eating meat at all. But I have always really enjoyed fish. After taking it away, I sometimes missed it.

What did raw veganism do to my body?   Well, I’m freezing and exhausted to be honest.   I have dark circles under my eyes because my kidneys are very taxed. I cannot say that I saw the signs, because I was feeling so good at first with the diet. In fact,  I didn’t even do sugar. I was not an agave, cacao person. I did my raw food diet with lots of cultured foods, and it helped me heal from candida and infections.

According to my Chinese doctor, raw food is too cooling for someone like me. But, I have found a balance and am working back to restore my energy.

Much of my diet is still very raw, but I am eating fish a few times each week to restore my strength energy and mental clarity, and for me this is working.

I think it’s important to open up to our intuition about the food we are eating. What does your gut say about that kale? Or that burger? Any food can be medicine or poison — depending on where you are in life. And, chances are that if you are making whole food choices because you are on your way to better health — then your needs will change as you go through stages of improvement.

Please don’t feel you have to label the way you eat. You just need to eat what feels good for your body. I’ve always used my intuition to tell clients when they needed to eat meat or rice or cauliflower — whatever. But I let my intuition be blinded by glimmery pictures of healthier raw foodists.

These days I just eat what my body tells me to. I get all my veggies and fruits fresh from the farmer’s market. And, I buy what I gravitate toward. This week I have collard greens, corn, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, kale, beets, garlic, cilantro, mint, basil, dill, apples, a frog melon and some peaches in my fridge.

I buy fish right when I am going to eat it. My food is raw when it wants to be. I have a delish smoothie nearly every morning! I’m not concerned with labeling my diet, but I am concerned that others may feel the need to conform.

Before making any final decisions on how you’ll eat forever, just enjoy what you are eating now. What foods are calling you?



8 thoughts on “I Wanna Be A Vegetarian Again Because She is a Vegetarian

  • LOVE love love this post! I appreciate your honesty and unapologetic stance with your diet, it is so refreshing to read. I believe that each of us must listen to our own body, and not to what is popular or trendy at the moment, to best nurture ourselves. And I totally agree that the energetic components of food can be very powerful, if we constantly deny ourselves what we are truly craving and wanting, it does so much damage on so many levels. I am vegetarian, and I have been vegan in the past but I really like cheese and sometimes I can’t resist butter. I used to wish I could be vegan – that I could be a ‘better’ person by avoiding these foods – but now I just accept that I like cheese, and I will eat it occasionally. Maybe one day I will be vegan again, maybe one day I will eat meat, but for today I will just eat whatever appeals to me and feels right 🙂

  • Doug! I love your writing, how did I not see your posts before? So great to meet you all last night. I love Gina and Dougie is just a super kid!
    on the raw tip, yeah, same thing with me… we evolved from the sea.. so fish it is!
    xo deb

    • Thanks, and very interesting. I haven’t read the book yet. Planned to, but got drawn to more important things. My conclusion is that food is a great and easy tool to affect our energy. I was very much ungrounded on raw and vegan (after a while) I’m going through a period of needing to go within (yin) and adding in some cooked brown rice, soups and fish has been amazing for me. I think if I mediated for hours I wouldn’t need to eat this way right now. I never made meat-eating taboo in my mind for other people, just for me. And, I’m never going to do that again. Being raw and vegan really made me conscious. I do feel a lot of changes in the world, and that many need to go vegan and raw to cleanse and expand their consciousness. Many of us are been gravitating this way naturally.

      Lately, I’ve needed lots more sleep — because I had a lot of “dreaming” to do. The universe has a beautiful way of working with me.


  • very cool post and the other one about your guides! love hearing about that stuff!
    I just wanted to say that I agree if we listen to our body it will giude us..we should feel better after we eat otherwise we didnt eat right.
    I belive eating meat is about how grounded we need to be. meat is very grounding. I pray that God will allow me to ground without meat. but it doesnt make me a better person for sure..Hitler was a vegetarian!
    so how one eats doesnt make them bad or good. but it must be humane.

    • Thanks! It is very much about how grounded we are. I really get very spacy and it didn’t feel good. (after a while)

  • Thank you Gina for your honesty with your experience as a raw vegan. I feel amazing when I do a raw vegan diet or cooked vegan diet, but then I get to the point when my body is craving animal foods. After a few months I get weak and dizzy and the first food I crave is fish. Now, I have come to peace with what my body needs and I do my best to choose the most natural animal foods such as wild caught fish, grass fed beef, eggs from chicken allowed to range freely. I bless and thank the animals I am about to consume. It has been a long journey, so I can relate to your post.

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