Let’s All Do Something Great Today

Yoga Class at a Gym
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What is it that makes you happy, and how come you don’t do it enough?

I was reflecting the other day after I was done with yoga about how great I felt, and I started wondering why I don’t try to always feel this way.

I used  to blame the lack of indulging myself with treats on my job.  Since I no longer have a job to go to, it has luckily been making it difficult to come up with reasonable excuses.  I think that we all hold ourselves back to some degree when it comes to taking care of our mind, body and spirit.  It’s like we figure that if we push a little harder that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel and we will be able to enjoy our indulgences soon enough.

Why do we do that, though?  We know that something is good for us, yet we find reasons to not do it.  If you know that something not only feels great, but also is great for you, then, do it!  We all have fast paced lives and the world isn’t going to stop for any of us.  We are constantly trying to reach a new goal and in the meanwhile we put ourselves off to the side.  We should take all of our excuses and fears and turn them into our greatest assets.  Let’s look at the obstacles that stop us and find ways to make them work towards our goals instead of keeping us from doing what we really want.  If someone is telling you that you have too much work to get done, then say “well I better get my spirits up if I am going to produce a great product.”  Let those fears wash right over you and help guide you into a better lifestyle.  Reflect on the activities that make you the happiest.  What would you really like to be doing?

Let’s all do something great today.  Let’s do it when we aren’t even thinking about it.  In that perfect moment when you’re feeling like it’s simply time for you –act upon it.  You don’t need to plan the exact moment that you are going to stop preoccupying yourself with work.  Just let the feeling come to you.

Think of the things that you can do Right Now where you are to bring a smile to your face.

Just make sure that no matter what you are doing, you are doing it for the right reasons.  The idea here is not to create more drama in your already hectic life.  We are trying to awaken your true self.  Let’s get that kid in you out here to do some of the things that you really want to do.

Stretch, run, play, talk, scream, eat great food, exercise, love, swing, jump, rest, pray, meditate, breathe.  Just make the time for it now!

Let it catch on with the people around you.  Grab that smile and throw it on your face, and let them see you walking around happy all the time.  People will come up and ask why you are cheerful and you can tell them to kick loose as well.  Let people know that you are taking some time for you to get your relax on.  Let’s see if we can get the world to ease up just a little bit today.


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