Laundry Man vs Sock Monster: Leaving Law and Coming Home

Laundry is hung to dry above an Italian street.
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I do the laundry in my house now.  It’s quite funny, really –considering that only a year ago I was in a job that had me up at 4 am and not home until 7 pm every day.

I never had the time to do my own laundry, let alone for the rest of the family.   Going from working in a law firm where I used every minute to its fullest, to doing housework is a lot more difficult that it may seem.

Housework isn’t difficult to do. It’s just time consuming with a low reward at times.  It’s a never-ending job that you can’t finish, because as soon as the dishes are cleaned it’s time to eat again.  You go out to the grocery store and come home to find a new mess that was created while you were shopping.  Also, I have a legitimate sock monster!  It’s not so bad, I guess.  He tends to take only socks — which is important.  I’ve never lost a shirt or anything to his perverse cause.  Would I prefer to have a match for all of my socks?  Sure, but that just wouldn’t be interesting.

There is a part of me that would love to be back in my office right now– having my coffee brought to me and watching my employees racing on deadlines with paper flying in all directions. But that’s just not in the cards.  The sock monster and I have worked out an arrangement.  I’m a Californian now. I have new ideas on life and what I am doing on this rock.  It’s this idea that keeps the laundry done and my spiritual practices flourishing.

My job was great, but awakening to what was really going on in the world outside of the law firm was beyond priceless.

I find new ways to thank the world while I get my work done.  Just being alive is a blessing in itself.  I realized that if I can take a positive perspective on what I’m doing and the work that needs to get done, then I move faster with a better outlook on what I’m accomplishing.  I love doing the housework that needs to get done, because I love coming home to a clean place.  I am happy to get the laundry done now instead of dreading having to fight with the obscure fiend who attempts to take my clothes away one small item at a time.

A sparkling environment encourages an able-bodied spirit.  And, a healthy spirit with mismatched socks is a powerful spirit who can really reach out into the world and make some progress.  I meditate while I labor, and I think of the things that I will accomplish with my life.  Doing the laundry might take time, but in my head all I see is a glowing sense of purpose. Well, its time for me to wash the dishes now.



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