Selling Sugar Highs For Gold

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I used to sell candy in school.  I was just talking with my brother yesterday about how when we were younger we used to always be in some sort of hustle to either make some money or at least a name for ourselves — both of which we did successfully.

I was dealing Nerds and Now & Later’s to the kids at school for a premium.

It was great money back then.  I got to eat candy and make money all day.  What’s more, people were coming to me for their sugar fix all the time.  I was the go-to-guy. I brought a product that had high demand and low supply to a bunch of already wired kids.

I was the only 7th grader with gold on my hands.  That was in style back then.  Eventually someone got jealous and they called my parents about the jewelry.  After telling my parents an outlandish lie about getting the rings and bracelet from a friend, we went right back to where we were minus the bling.

I learned that I couldn’t flaunt the things that I got and that if I was going to be truly triumphant — I was going to have to be more concerned about the big picture than getting some quick treats with my money.

Don’t sell one candy just to get another.

Selling sugar was the first step that I took towards being a free thinking industrialist.  I was always looking for an edge that would defy the general logical rules that  hold us down.

As a teenager, I didn’t want to listen to the adults around me anyways.  I was doing something different, and it was really just for the sake of doing it.  Candy was easy to sell and relatively danger- free.  Of course, right now I would tell you that the candy I was selling was just a grade better than selling real drugs, but media said otherwise back then.  Candy was a free food that not only wouldn’t hurt, but was also a normal thing to eat everyday… all day.

Reflecting back, I feel like I was just another dealer peddling to a bunch of junior high crack heads seeking out the blue sugar from my Jolly Ranchers.

I might not be proud of what I put in these kids’ systems now, but it helped to sculpt me into the man that I am today.  I love Clients.  I love providing a quality product to clients, and watching their own version of a sugar high when they are pleased with my services.  I like finding the ways of showing my self worth through unconventional methods.  I never wanted to be sitting behind a desk printing out TPS reports, and I never did.  I am a proud outcast of the “get in line” system.  I guess that a part of me will always be selling candy.  I have merely learned to sweeten my products with the alternative.

One thought on “Selling Sugar Highs For Gold

  • K, now I have to ask how old you are. Because you were the male version of me or vice versa! I did the SAME thing! SAME candy even! Too crazy! (Glad we know better now though, that’s for sure!)

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