Wacked-Out Lies I Told Myself Lately and how they Manifested


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By, Gina LaVerde

There’s an old saying that goes  something like this – If you believe it – then, it’s true. I couldn’t agree more.

Of course, I believe this – so I see my whole life in terms of the Laws of Attraction. I see that when I know I can do something I do it. I see that when I know something is going to happen it does. I visualized my entire apartment-full of furniture before I found it ALL in the alley.

I’ve experienced this sort of hiked up version of manifestation because I am so completely clear that it exists. Without looking for it, I look for it.

That can happen for you too, as you begin to open your mind to all of the possibilities your life holds for you. In fact, even by completely dissing this idea—you are in fact manifesting your thoughts. And your life will prove to you that you are right.

I really do get everything I  “think” I want. Even the stuff I “think” I don’t want.

Let me explain.

Thoughts are simply energy; they are not positive or negative. The more we focus our energy on a particular thought, the more that thought will manifest in our lives. If I say, “I want money, I want money, I want money — and it’s because I feel a “lack” of money, then I will only manifest more lack. That’s  because lack is my underlying thought. By saying “ I don’t want to get sick,” you can manifest sickness — because you are thinking of the illness rather than the healthy you. Now, I know these things. Like I said, I live my life by these rules and I always have. But check out these wacked-out lies I told myself recently, and how they manifested into things I really didn’t want.

So, I said to myself:

  • Gina, you cannot afford new books. You have to buy used books only.
  • Gina, you better finish storing your One –Year Healing Program before your computer crashes again!
  • Gina, the dishes are just never ever done. In fact, the whole house is a wreck!
  • Gina, you don’t work hard enough!

And you know what happened? I spent hours traveling to used bookstores and not finding the books I needed. These were hours I could’ve used to make money to afford new books. My computer crashed, and I lost my one-year program (and, the back up drive broke). My house is just piled with dishes all the time, and no matter how hard I’ve worked and how much I love my job—I encountered people who criticized me for the opposite.

Of course, these negative thoughts were not the only ones flowing through my mind. I have manifested an abundance of Blissful work and clients, better health for myself and my family, so much more rest, and fun times – and each day I have a better sense of who I am, and how amazing this life is. I call these pesky little thoughts “lies” because they are. Who said that I couldn’t afford new books? Me! Truth is that it doesn’t matter if the books are new or used. It was my focus on lack that left me lacking. If you are worrying about something, you are sending signals into the universe to bring that to you.

Last year, I did an experiment at home. I needed help with getting the house clean. Prior to my experiment, I was the only one who cleaned at home. I asked my husband for help many times, but it didn’t ever really work. So, rather than feeling sorry for myself I decided to tell myself that I had all the help I needed. I created  daily affirmations for myself like:

  • “I have the most helpful husband. He does everything he can  to support the family.”
  • ” Thank You for my amazing husband!”
  • “ My home is clean and beautiful!”
  • “ I love being home. It is peaceful there.”

And do you know what happened? The man started really helping. Could it be that my attitude of lack and judgment kept him from helping out? You know my answer to that!

You are manifesting your life right now. What is your focus? Is something happening that you don’t like – how about expressing gratitude for it and moving into thoughts of abundance?

My biggest lesson lately has been solidifying the idea that we can manifest abundance easily – and when we let go of particular outcomes, we will be flooded with abundance.

Rock On!


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