And so this is Christmas

Charlie Brown
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The John and Yoko song always pulls at my heart strings and begs the question… “Have I done enough this year?” I wonder if I have been the best me. If I’ve been honest, kind and hardworking enough. Or is hard-working not a great quality to have any more? Have I been smart, loving, forgiving? What more can I do? What more can I do? Ahhhhhhh I only have like a week til the year is really over.

This is my first Christmas ever not spending Christmas Eve with my family in Chicago feasting on the seven fishes, Italian food and so much love your heart would spin. But, the past like 11 Christmases have left me feeling lacking in some way. Like, I’m searching for this Charlie Brown meaning behind it all. Like how I felt as a 6-yr-old during midnight mass – the only time our Catholic church was filled with love.

The gift thing bugs me. I love giving. And I dig receiving too. But, dude, it’s so blown out of proportion. I know, you know what I mean.  I’d much rather give from the heart on any day of the year, than be part of a spiritual holiday with material expectations. It doesn’t ring true. If you get a gift from me it’s because I love you and I really put a lot of love into giving you something special. If you don’t, it’s because I love you and haven’t found the perfect example of that. I’m all or nothing.

So, here we are… another Christmas is coming. And whether, you’re a participant in the seasonal madness or not, you have to admit that another year is over and a new one is just beginning.

So, what have you done? I mean for real… what have you done? What rocked  about your year? What sparks did you create? Whose smiles lit you up?

And, what are your wildest dreams for next year?

Spill it! Give yourself props. You’ve been such an amazing you! The world can’t wait to feel more.

2 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas

  • Where’s the like button damn it?! Oh wait, this isn’t FB. Girl, you have given, more than enough and then some. You have a kind, loving, & generous heart, & anyone who is blessed enough to know you knows that. 🙂 And all or nothing? Yep, you know I can totally dig that. 🙂

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