My Very Own Psychic Friends Network

American singer Dionne Warwick.
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All my friends are psychic. And, I’m not talking Dionne Warwick kinda stuff. I mean, if I simply think about eating a choccy chip cookie, my friend Lisa will text me a “tisk tisk tisk.” I’m constantly tuned in to some amazing people who share advice and love with me from their hearts…but what’s more – what’s really more is that the advice and the direction I get from them has proven to save my health and always keep me on this brilliant path. Without my friend Christina, I don’t know how I could’ve gotten through my son’s early days…. He was so sick. She could always tune into him, even when I couldn’t. She always helped me figure out what his body needed. She still calls me with news about what foods I should try with him, and she is always right on.

And now, here I am actually doing psychic work.  I admit that as a kid when I gave palm readings to  the kids on my block, I dreamed of this day. But, when my mama asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I thought I had to pick something more “real.”

My friends…the ones who share what they know, challenge me to express what I know and search deeper for more… They are my greatest teachers, and I love them so.

Thanks loves!

Would you like to open up to the magic of your own intuitive power? I’m running Psychic Skool, and it’s success is far beyond my wildest imagination. It really rocks to be able to help people heal, but to also have the gift of witnessing them come into alignment with their purpose…. holy wow! Check out Psychic Skool, and tell e what you think:



2 thoughts on “My Very Own Psychic Friends Network

  • My Dearest Gina, G-Love, Sister in my soul of souls,
    I have much love for you & sweet Dougie!!! I’m sure that’s a huge reason why I see you both so much and why we are so well connected.
    We compliment and help one another and I too, am so thankful for you.
    Bunches of hugs & kisses to you and your precious family!!

    • Thanks for always being there.. even when I don’t ask because I’m too shy. You rock! Hugs to all of you too. We shall see u in this year, I know it

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