What I Want You to Know

*You are so beautiful, inside and out and the world is a better place because you’re here

*Time is Fake

*Open up to new things, you may really dig what you see


*You Can, if you BELIEVE you can

*You were meant to THRIVE

*You are so loved

*The answers to your toughest questions may be so simple that they may seem unreal – THEY’RE REAL

*You’re in charge, but it’s not all about you

*You look amazing when you smile

*You don’t need to bust your toosh to please the right friends

*A single delicious thought will attract more of the same to you

*You don’t have problems; you have experiences… what would happen if you believed this?

*All of us here on earth want to know more about what you have up your sleeve… express yourself

*Welcome to YOUR MOMENT

*You are love



img Credit: Nyoin

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