365 Books to Bliss: Book 2–“Cell-Level Healing” By, J.W. Hawkes, Ph.D

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I just finished reading “Cell -Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell”  By, Joyce Whitely Hawkes, PhD. I was naturally drawn to the book because I have a deep interest in how our cells and physical bodies respond to energy healing. I mean, I know it works — but what happens on the cell level?

Dr. Hawkes is a scientist whose near-death experience left her with the consciousness of her power to use energy to help others heal. Her science background has proven really useful, because  she not only  understands life at the cell level –she has the equipment to measure it.

I’m also particularly interested in stem cell therapy. A few years ago, I kept getting major messages from friends, co-workers,  books, teachers and the voices in my head about stem cells and autism. As many of you know, my son has recovered from severe autism.

I could see how stem cell therapy could really benefit people with autism…. and it since has benefited them. But, in my personal life — medications and medical interventions (especially those that involve needles) are a real last resort. My interest in stem cells comes from my desire to somehow re-create the therapy energetically.

I’ve already been at practice with that. But, I figured that this book would teach me something I need to know in regards to my energetic healing experiments.

Dr. Hawkes does a great job of detailing the components of the cells and their functions, as well as how she tunes in to use this info in order to spread healing at the cell level.  One thing that particularly caught my attention is the swirling nature of the cells, the swirling nature of our chakras, the swirling nature of the kundalini energy (not mentioned in this book, btw), and the swirling nature of ancient symbols (not mentioned in this book). Our galaxy, our cells, and the energy around us are  swirling swirling swirling.  Pretty rad.

She provides  us with meditations and visualizations to help become more aware and appreciative for our bodies and the NOW. She says, and I agree that this is a necessary part of healing.  She also describes how she uses a series of techniques in order to get into a deep openness for the energy to flow. What’s super cool about this  is that Dr. Hawkes’ brain waves have been recorded during the times of her healing (even even distant  healing), and the amount of synchronized brain activity is amazing.

It rocks to have scientific proof of the practices that I have so much faith in. I have a little bit more info to help me on my path as an energy healer.

This book is a quick and easy read that gives a very basic take on how energy healing affects our health  at our core. Read it if that sounds awesome to you.

I’ m reading 365 books this year . Check out the rest of the, here

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