365 Books to Bliss: Book 8 – “The Book of Shamanic Healing” By, Kristen Madden

Cover of "The Book of Shamanic Healing"
Cover of The Book of Shamanic Healing

4 years ago, after an experience with a ghost in a hotel room — my friend Christina sent me to her psychic. I’d never been to a psychic before. I’d simply played one in my pretend life. The woman did a phone consult with me from Hawaii, and was so eager to talk to me that she didn’t charge me. Nor did she offer me any psychic visions about my future. Instead, she told me to hone my skills, and learn to do what she does because she saw that in my path. Well, here I am.

But, another thing she taught me, was to go to the bookstore or library and study study study.  In fact, she said that I should go with the intention to find the “right” book and wait for it to call to me. I’m stoked that I have committed to doing just that this year.  I’m  getting so much out of each word. YUM.

“The Book of Shamanic Healing” called me. Much like how the “Body Ecology Diet” book called me the first time I read it.  The Shamanic book is one that I will go back to for reference over and over.

It’s a simplistic beginner’s guide to what Shamanism is and how you can practice it for healing. So, it’s things that everyday peeps can incorporate in their meditation or personal healing practice.

She teaches tons of different exercises too. So, I double liked this — because I like to work through things with physical or journal exercises.

In fact, this book even got me singing. Yup – success in the voice dept. Throat chakra cleared for business.

Any energy healer would benefit from using this book as a reference.

I began to study Shamanism when Dougie and I were sick, and I was losing my Papa Joe to a degenerative form of dementia. My Shamanism classes really taught me how to deal with death and dying. So, for anyone facing illness or death of a loved one—you may dig this too.

I’m reading 365 Books this year. What are you reading?

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