The Retreat Card

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The “Retreat” card sprung from the Angel Card deck like it would  rather suffer a concussion than not have me believe he belonged to me.  I’m not a “follower” of one message, one idea or one piece of advice. I am a collector of knowledge and a tester of results. I am a practicer of ideas whose only notion of failure is what happens when I don’t jump in full force.

I wanted to know what message I am missing — what more I can do to feel lighter, healthier, on the right path.  10 cards were drawn in total –and if I told you all of them, you’d laugh a hard belly laugh for how much the universe is telling me to let go, trust and rest.

But, the retreat card is the one that I see when I close my eyes. The card told me to get up and go now. That all my work, family and finances were taken care of. That a retreat, and an extended one, would be heathifying and educational for me.

When you add “Retreat” to the other cards that my friend spread out in front of me that night — it would seem that the universe has really made my reservations, paid my bills in advance and juiced my greens for the journey.

And, why not believe this? I know that I’ve been running on spirit and fumes for quite some time, but I dig what I do.  I know that I need to get out and experience more of the world. And,  the longer we stay in our apartment, the longer we are exposed to emfs that flippin killed my huge houseplant and air that’s not so delicious to breathe.

I’m giving in to the retreat. I’m letting go and setting my energies on allowing the universe to let my life continue to unfold.

The Dougs and I are conjuring up a juicy plan that would allow us to travel for a year in an RV, and spread the Bliss through healing sessions, classes and speaking events around the country. All at a slow, steady and Blissy speed of course.  We are looking for the most economical way to rent an RV (hopefully one that is fuel efficient, eco friendly — would be awesome if it ran on veggie juice).

If you have any tips that would help us travel on the cheap I would so appreciate it.  Help me retreat, loves! And, I will help you retreat. You so know I will.

We’ll keep you posted as the journey unfolds for us. There’s sure to be lots of autism information and healing in the mix. We home school our boy and plan on sharing the love with families who want to know more about autism recovery.

Check out where our tour has led us: Tour Events  and Tour Blog



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