365 Books to Bliss: Book 10 — “Souled” By, Jamie Flannigan (so it’s a website, not a book…)

This blog makes my teeth sweat. I can barely breathe, barely sip my maca smoothie until I get a glimpse of what this sassy realtor from L.A. has on her mind each day. And here I am — reading a book a day (or what seems like more) in search of some BLISS through words. Souled: A Realtor with Heart by, Jamie Flannigan takes my cake, floats my boat and dances with me while I write blogs, make shakes and attempt to distract ants with incense.

I’m not a realtor.  I’m not a fashionista. I’ m definitely not a porn star. But,  I’m hooked on Jamie’s swoons of all these things. It was the Doctor Vs. Porn Star post  “The Happiest of Hours” that pushed me over the EDGE. This is the best thing I’ve read all year. Yeah yeah, so it’s only 12 days into the year. But, I’ve read 11 rather large adult books, a slew of kids books, too many websites to count and some  rather interesting  tweets.

In case you don’t know, I love words. I love playing with them and making them do things that amaze me.  And you. I spent too long in college so I could linger with books and writers and the smell of ink. Nobody has made me want to keep reading and keep asking for more like the writers and teachers I met at Columbia College in Chicago. The books I’ve read recently pale in comparison to the talent I was exposed to there. Until, I met this writer/realtor with tons of frickin soul.

God, you must think I’m her agent or something. I swear I’ m not. But, I will say that while writing the blogs for the first 9 books on my journey to Booky Bliss, I did NOT have this same tingle in my fingers.

Jamie is a word girl. She writes better than most peeps I know and it doesn’t matter what her story is, I want to read it. You, on the other hand may want to know that she blogs about the grit and the glam of girlfriends, lovers, and the lust for all things pretty.  She has regular columns like “If I was Your Realtor” and one I hope she continues, called “If You were My Boyfriend.” And, her blog is gorgeous. Go there for a taste of Bliss and eye candy, and if your day isn’t better because of it — you haven’t stayed long enough.

“Souled” is Sex and the City to the Blissed degree.

Thank You, Jamie for brightening the internet world with your love. Can’t wait to hear more from you. I will go now, before I nominate you for Priestess of Blogtopia or something.



Image Credit: Jamie flannigan

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