365 Books to Bliss: Books # ??? -!!! Update

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How many years have passed since mid January? For me, it’s been a L O N G, short, electrically delicious month of coming to know more about my true self, learn patience with the journey and really revel in the warmth of true friendships and supporting  friends and clients.

In other words — it’s been crazy dude. And the reading is kickin my a$$.

I thought I’d re-cap you on what I’ve read so far.. all here in one swoop.

I’ll begin with the grown-up books.. and they are in no particular order.

Book 10: Reiki And The Healing Buddha By, Maureen Kelly

It took me months to get passed the first 30 pages. but, I tried again and surprisingly I got through t he whole shabang in several hours. This book is very esoteric and confusing at points because the author, at first, seemed to be speaking as if her interpretation was fact.

That said… I LOVED this book. Maureen Kelly goes beyond what many of us consider the foundation of Reiki and brings in the connection Healing Buddha.  I felt very connected  to spirit the whole time I read it (this time), and loved how she over-analyzed every little bit about how we draw the Reiki symbols, Tons of food for thought here for anyone considering the Reiki Life seriously.

Book 11: Simply Psychic By, Ann caufield

This is a VERY simple and excellent book that includes exercises for beginning psychics to hone their skills. I have already incorporated some of her teachings.

Book 12: Crazy Sexy Diet By, Kris Carr

This woman can write! I’m at the very least relieved to read something on health that is so fun to read. I found some references in the book that went against my own training, and it made me think about all of the many varieties of truth that we have available to us. Kris’s so savvy with the green talk — If you are looking for a raw vegan cleanse, she really does cover all the bases, makes it fun and incorporates affirmations, body work and even mentions Reiki.


I’m gonna leave you here for a moment because my next 2 books are about vaccines and I’m pretty shaken by them.





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