How Can Your Intuition Save the World?

Yes, You Can Save the World!

Some may tell you that saving the world  is about  LOVE. Oh yes — “Love conquers all,” and “Love will prevail”

These Love Actionists (myself included) would be correct because the vibration that comes from your heart is the strongest one that your body emits. Stronger than your mind. We now understand that the heart frequency has much more control over our well-beings than we once thought.

We are all connected by similar frequencies that communicate with one another. So, imagine sending LOVE vibrationally through the global energetic communication system. If enough of us did that, we would dissolve hatred and despair, right?

By investing our energy in love, hatred cannot exist. Any emotion or vibration only exists to the extent that we give it our attention. Ignoring is a form of attention. But, LOVE wins in the end. It’s been proven over and over on smaller scales around the world. Check out “The Hidden Messages in Water” By, Masuru Emoto for how LOVE creates healing in our water systems, or Heart Math for info on how we can use our heart frequencies to bring our own bodies into wellness.

Love is the answer. But, before we arrive at LOVE, there is something more basic that we must address: INSTINCT

Honor Your True Instinct and Save the Planet

The answer for global survival was gifted to you at birth. You came here evolutionarily programmed to satisfy all of your own basic needs – you know how to get food from your mother, you know how to eat, sleep, poop, play and observe. You entrust yourself with parents to protect you , and you grow to understand your instincts better through how they live their lives.

Every time a child is born, humanity is given an opportunity to live according to instinct. Never to let a basic need go unsatisfied. Our basic instincts are not to kill, but to LIVE. Our species wants to survive. At least I think it does. It is not that we are innately evil that makes us kill, but the suppression of our primal needs that forms a threat and spirals into the emotional upheaval we see causing wars.

Think about your own instincts.

When you wish you were somewhere else… what do you wish you were doing? Most of us can easily identify the instincts that surface when we are afraid, worried or angry. Think about what really makes you angry and why. I found that I get angry when there is tons of housework to get done. That’s because the housework “steals” away my sleep time, yoga time or meditation time. These are activities I require for my health. I find that people get angry with me when I  “overly” express myself emotionally through writing, art, dance, even coughing. In the grand scheme of connectedness – this is an example of how I too feel somewhat “wrong” for expressing myself, and those who get angry about my expression haven’t found a way to properly express themselves.

So, what was initially a beautiful expression of instinct that leads to growth in all directions turns into anger and fighting. Believing that I must deny my own basic needs for some menial task keeps me in stress mode. In my life, I constantly witness experiences like this dwindling as I embrace my instincts. I inspire others to do the same and we help each other.

That IS what we are going to have to do here. Help each other find ourselves. Because, in finding out who we really are (or at least getting a deeper glimpse) will help us see our beauty and power to heal on a grand scale. Earth needs us. And, we need Earth. Our primal instincts guide us on how to correctly live in harmony with our planet. We’ve been conditioned to fear what our instincts might make us do. But, I assure you that you are not a criminal. You are a healer – someone who has the inner wisdom to overcome whatever ails you. And, I’ll share with you how you can use your instincts for healing yourself and the planet.

Nature is Nurture

A thought came to me the other day: “what if we all lived according to instinct always?” That question was followed by a series of “what-ifs.”

  • What if newborns could choose their own milk? Would they choose soy, dairy, home-made formula from the Westin A Price Society Recipe? NO Dude! They’d choose what their mama could make right there at their beck and call. They’d eat when they were hungry. Not on a scheduled time offered to the mom from the hospital.


  • What if babies were born without drugs in their systems that impair their mommy’s and their ability to feel and think? What if the babies got an embrace from mom instead of a cold plastic gloved hand after traveling through the birth canal? I believe they’d feel safe in the arms of the woman who is the only other human they’ve known for their entire existence. I believe the modern birthing experience puts child and mother in fight or flight mode. Did you know that traumas which trigger the fight or flight response create a pattern of calcification in your cells? Too much of this prevents growth and shuts off your joy response.


  • What if babies weren’t circumcised or vaccinated with disease and toxins at one day of age? Perhaps they’d feel safer and more trusting of the parents they chose to lead them through their lives. Perhaps their systems could focus on living and thriving rather than fighting off toxic infection, abandonment, and fear that it will happen again. As early as one day old we attack our newborns at the core of their immunity and the core of their emotional development. It’s no wonder to me why the standard western-world approach to birthing results in more long-term illness, learning difficulties,  and of course the emotional turmoil that causes hatred, fear, war and the like.

Humanity has evolved and is so resilient that people like my own son have learned to live and thrive with loads of metal poisoning from vaccines and environment. But, when children arrive in our lives with needs that we are taught are “wrong,” we lead our children into believing that they are “wrong.” This emotional abuse (unintentional as it may be) is what is at the core of our major problems today.

We’re denying our own basic needs and we don’t even realize it. It took  me 32 years to discover that it’s okay to eat whenever I’m hungry, it’s okay to stretch my legs in the middle of work, it’s okay to sneeze out loud, it’s okay to cry, laugh, sing, dance whenever my body calls me to. Honestly, I’m still working on listening to those instinctual body messages. I don’t always know when they are there because I, like the rest of us, have been conditioned to ignore them.

I am one person and one symbol of living proof that emotional/instinctual suppression manifests illness. The frequency of the emotion “I’m not good enough” which stems from denial of primal instincts, lowers our immunity. This attack begins at the core of our immunity. Our Root Chakras. The energetic vibrations that hold us loyal to our tribe – our First Family. The Earth. Our Mothers. The first people who loved us so much that they bought us the best baby formulas on the market. We are born into our families to socialize with them, honor them, and obey them. We were born to them to learn more about how to live here on this planet. And, as soon as they begin saying “NO” to our instincts because they love us so much and want us to succeed in life – we begin to learn that our instincts are not good enough. We feel that we are not good enough.

As soon as they say “no” to a feeding because it’s not “time,” or “no” to holding us so as not to spoil us, we begin to learn that suppressing these feelings must be the right choice. Crying, which is one form of expression and communication that a baby can use is so often suppressed, (as in my own case with my son) that we now see much older children having crying tantrums. I want to be clear that I am not “calling out” any parents here. I am a parent and I believe that our children choose us because we are perfect for them. I also believe that I learn how to live better each day, and that I have to share this info in case it will help others. I believe that being true to you and your instinct will affect global Blissness.

A broken instinct means a broken connection with our first families, the core of ourselves and our planet. We cannot possibly LOVE when we are naturally fearing for our survival. The body cannot do both things at once. In order for an infection to spread throughout the body like a cancer – there are physical, emotional, and spiritual factors that occur. This is what suppression of our instincts has done to the planet since we fell from the divine feminine. We have in effect, created a cancer upon the earth – a rapid growth of killer cells that live and without connection to the whole (unconscious people drowning in fear and worry).

Cancer seems like our body’s natural response to internal havoc…. the constant ignoring of our body’s signals. So, the cancer comes along and perhaps creates tumors in the attempt to package up that pain until your body is ready to release it. The cancer of the planet seemed to be our planet’s final call for help. But, our mama earth has been in cancer mode for decades, and to show she isn’t going out without a bang and a fight has developed more biological, chemical and emotional blisters that require energy building, detoxification and a planetary immune boost in order to heal.

My work with autism has shown me that we are way passed the cancer warning phase here on earth. Autism is so complicated that most of us don’t understand the half of it. My son was “labeled” with it, and I work to help families from all over the world to heal from it. Autism creates confusion and imbalance in every bodily system including the immune system. As if we needed further evidence of the body/brain connection – children who are being diagnosed with autism right now will suffer from developmental regression, seizures, food allergies, low weight, parasites, and ultra toxic overloads. And all of this will effect their thinking, their speech, their motor skills and more.

At the core of autism and cancer, are pathogenic organisms that cannot take over unless our systems are down. Consider the latest oil spills, bombings, earthquakes, inhumane laws trying to get passed, global exhaustion. For a look at how rapidly autoimmune disease is on the rise– simply check out the CDC’s website. They don’t hide it. On some level, we are all experiencing the pains of our fellow people and our planet. We all need a boost.

We, who cut down our world’s trees, our breath of life, are not acting instinctively – we are acting out the patterned destruction that becomes the norm when our instincts have been drowned.

I’m not nearly as concerned with how this all transpired, as I am with consciously creating a better way of life for all – beginning with myself.

The great news is that cancer is now widely accepted as curable and, at the very least – healable. And, many people are waking up to the fact that autism has many layers which can be peeled away for more and more BLISS. And underneath these gorgeous creatures who bless us with their autism existence, I see all the evidence I need that an instinct-based life will save us.

Instinct Is and Isn’t

Instinct or intuition is an energetic response or guide to what your body needs now. It is helpful in measuring your body’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies, and discovering what is needed to balance that energy. Intuition may send you physical signals such as a pain in your heart – but the essence of intuition is energetic. When that pain in your heart doesn’t come from a physical source – where does it come from?

Intuition is not prophetic views of the future or the ability to act as God and change our fate. Intuition is a guide, perhaps your strongest guide that will help you stay on a path that is the healthiest and best for you. If you listen to your intuition, you will be guided to live the best life for you. It is fear of our intuitive answers, and the blocking of them that cause stress and further illness and the feeling of being lost.

New Direction of Energy

Acknowledge that you are an instinctual being with ingrained answers passed down through your blood and DNA from your ancestors. This is that same information that has allowed our species to evolve over time. You have the instinctual ability to thrive beyond any of the pain you experience. Acknowledgement is the first step in changing the direction of your own personal energy.

Every thought you have vibrates at a particular frequency that is currently creating your life situation. You are receiving experiences at the same frequency as the thoughts you put out into the universe. The science of Quantum Physics states that mere observation of wave energy (thought) turns that energy into matter (consequence). That’s how our thoughts become reality, and with awareness of this power we can begin to re-train ourselves back to instinct.

Once you become aware that you are in fact your own best intuitive healer, you can move on to creating better intentions that will lead you to where you want to be. The high intention results in the same energetic changes from wave to particle and will manifest a like high vibration. Intention for fulfillment will manifest in the thing your body/life needs most at the moment for fulfillment. This may be something you don’t know you needed, especially if you are just now becoming aware.

Simply becoming aware of this solution strengthens your energy (both in the physical and metaphysical sense), and frees up mind space for you to heal.

You needn’t become an intuitive healer overnight. Enjoy the journey.

Gratitude Rocks

Giving thanks is another high vibrational activity that raises our consciousness and awareness of our true instincts. Give thanks for the blessings in your life, and take time each day to say out loud what you are grateful for. The laws of attraction say that this will grant you more of the same vibration. More of those aspects of your life that you are grateful for.

Letting Go of the fight

You can take back what you need to thrive without fighting for it. In fact, fighting requires you to give energy to that which you do not want or need.

We have created a society that values a police/authoritative mindset which perpetuates feelings of inadequacy. And, therefore our needs often seem to translate as cars, clothes, millions of friends, specific eye shadow, a dog that doesn’t bark, a wife that doesn’t sweat, and crazy unattainable stuff that will never make us happy. But we want this stuff because society continues to let us know that we need them to be better people. Think about it though – if today was your last day here – what would you need? If you had one hour to live, what would you need? It’s these needs that more closely describe what I am getting at. Being true to that primal you stops the chain that made you feel insecure in the first place.

We often check into a situation with the thought that someone must be correct and someone must be wrong. Like, if I need to take care of myself, then my husband is going to suffer. But, if each of us were taking care of our individual needs there would be no room for argument. In fact, fighting would disturb the harmony we created within our bodies and our instincts would direct against it. So, the next time you know that you need to take a break, eat a turkey sandwich or call your best friend– don’t even consider that this could possibly harm someone else. This is simply your need. Go with it and you will continue to find it easier to follow your instincts.

When a “fight” does knock on your door – when someone wants to argue their opposing view and you see no benefit for your personal growth – close the door.

I had a recent encounter with my local police. I phoned them to report a situation in our neighborhood, that I thought they could help with. When they arrived at the scene, I was floored by the degrading treatment I received when they criticized me for my reasons for needing help and assured me that I best shut my mouth (in other words). I almost got arrested for telling the officer that I no longer required his help, and mentioned my rights. My reaction, once I realized what I was dealing with (not who, but what) was to remain quiet and leave the situation.

My old instincts, however certainly would have guided me to put on some kind of a “this isn’t fair” tantrum, and of course consider hurting this cop physically. But, I saw him as a fearful man needing to manipulate in order to control a situation. He has no idea who I am. Perhaps he sees a lot of crime and thought I was some kinda hustler. After all, I was wearing cowboy boots.

Fact is, yes, fighting seems instinctual. If we are being threatened. But, if we care for those basic needs – we cannot be threatened. We cannot be moved. Hurtful crimes are committed by those individuals pushed so far away from themselves by the collective unconscious, that they see hurting others as their only way to survive. We are responsible for these people too.

Clean Blood, Clean Instinct and Your Food

How can we be sure that we are receiving clear instinct that guides us to do the “right” things? It’s simple. We can’t unless we begin to clean our bodies from the inside out. And, we give ourselves the permission to practice. Instinct may be an age-old skill, but for most if us it needs to be re-awakened. It may have been in a coma for centuries.

The air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat are all ways in which you receive energy. The standard American diet which is full of refined foodless foods – keeps our blood acidic and unable to receive clear intuitive messages. Parasites and viruses that live in acidic blood will crave what the parasite needs to thrive. So, intuitively, you’d crave more sugary, acidic nutrient-void foods.

Logic plays a huge role here. You see, just as our instincts are tied in with our thoughts… so can we measure the types of instincts we are given to determine whether they benefit our well-beings. You can logically discern that if you are feeling you need to eat only carbs and smack your neighbor the next time you see him – this is not your true instinct.I’m being dramatic, but I’m sure you get it.

You can choose to eat clean, alkaline producing foods that help detoxify illness and you will begin feeling more accurate intuitions when your body recovers from “fight or flight” mode. You can choose to eat strengthen foods that give you energy.

Foods like fermented vegetables, coconut kefir, green veggie smoothies, algae, seaweeds, wild greens and herbs, healthy fats like coconut oil, whole grains, and foods consumed as close to their whole natural state as possible may help bring your body back into nutritional balance. Which foods are best for you depend on your needs.  I personally cannot eat carbs all the time. As you recover your health and your instinct, your needs will change. I am currently at a place where I eat a lot of roots and grounding foods to help me feel more present in my body.

You can use the energetic properties of your food to help nourish your intuitive powers. In nature, wherever there is a need – there is an answer. We have herbs like Reishi Mushroom which helps calm my body enough to get in touch with my intuition. But, for those who need stimulation, we have cacao. And these herbs can be complimented with other herbs like shizandrra and maca. But, again, what works for you may be entirely different. Just know that your food can really help you become intuitively powered.

Healing the Proverbial Planetary cancer and autism

If you want to heal from cancer, you’ve got to address the core of the problem. By sitting alone with yourself with the grateful intention to listen to your inner voice, and create positive change in your own health – you are creating the Youest You (Dr. Seuss). The Youest You is just what this planet needs. Yet another conscious whole being of light who is so strong within yourself that you have the capacity to send loads of love to the oceans and the genetic engineers, and vibrationally cause change. And the rockin’ thing is that you heal first. You feel good first. And, at the same time mama earth sprouts another leaf.

If you want to heal from autism you need to go slowly and address the core of the issue with care. You need to pay special attention to cleansing reactions. You need to recognize that the ultimate gift of evolution is change. As you heal yourself and help the world heal from autism tendencies – go slowly and consider every step in the direction of love a success. Sometimes there is an eruption. Sometimes there is mass confusion. We are cleansing. We are making room for the ability to more deeply accept those who are different. Those who are different have the keys to lead us through the next step.

If you have ever met a person with autism, you know that they are outward examples of instinct to life. Behaviors that people criticize are their way to expel toxins and emotions that need to be expressed. Healing you and healing me will help us bring these people out of their fog, and we will soon learn their truest purpose for being here.

Whoever you are… wherever you are… waking up to the importance of taking care of your own personal needs is the greatest SIMPLE gift you can give the world. We need YOU.

Police Mentality and Your Responsibility

Believing that others have authority over us also allows for us to relinquish that power when it comes to making changes in our own lives. We want to blame the president we elected for signing off with Monsanto to allow the production of  harmful genetically modified seeds. We see our government as separate from ourselves. People we need to convince, fight and blame.

They are merely part of a system that we collectively created to protect us. And, over time as we felt incapable of taking care of ourselves, we allowed them more authority. Of course, with suppressed instinct and lowered immunity, most of us feel we still need them. Problem is that in all the history of all the police carrying guns – we have never abolished crime. We have never stopped homelessness and illness. We have never had a president who made everything better. And, we’ve never had a spiritual leader who was able to make needed changes without facing violence.

Contrary to what you have been told, you are not bound to that system. You were born with rights and abilities that no one can ever take from you. And, by simply exercising them you are abolishing the system that doesn’t work.

The only true crimes are the crimes against our collective consciousness.

We needn’t fight hate with hate, ignorance with ignorance. Your BLISS will do the trick.

The Ultimate Truth – We are All One

I am that cop who threatened me. I am my mother who loves me unconditionally. I am you and you are me. We are energetically connected. Sometimes we feel the same pain and the same joys. Look in the face of your enemy and see yourself. Who is really there and what can you do for you to remedy the “enemy” feeling?

You may live a thousand lifetimes, but no one can promise you will remember any of them. Now, while you are here — feel that we are all one. Live like we are all one.

I find it unsettling that, in our society we determine truth by the numbers and statuses of the people who agree with us. This theory is definitely truth for me. I am experiencing it. And, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

But, your truth should have nothing to do with what I say. Life is to be lived and discovered. Go with what feels right to you. I know we are getting somewhere and I feel good about the current shifts in consciousness.

What are you feeling?

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Oh, and Please Share with Your Peeps too! That’s how we Really Save the World Together!



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