Life Keeps Living, Energy Never Ends: On Death and Dying

In the midst of moving into simpler living on the road, my goal was to keep my mind focused on things like packing, seeing clients, and tying-up class work for my upcoming workshops. That alone kept me comfortably overwhelmed. But, I was sucked out of my sleep last night by a message that had nothing to do with my goals. Life often works that way for me.

The message was about death. I guess it was on my mind because it’s everywhere.. and the looming of it over family members and friends who are on their way out of life is pretty intense. Since losing my grandfather, I’ve lost all fear of dying, and all uncertainty of the ultimate continuousness of life. But death is always everywhere right? It’s a natural part of life. I think it was Eckhart Tolle who I heard say that “death is not the opposite of life, but the opposite of birth.” It’s just a part of the cycle of energy, and we fear it because our culture conditioned us to fear it. But, there are plenty of other cultures who understand dying more deeply and actually consciously welcome it when the time comes.

Still, there are a lot of unknowns. And, when you lose someone close, all of this new age bulloney hardly hugs your heart. And, my heart hurts so much when I see a child lose their mommy, or a mommy lose her baby, husband lose a wife, friend lose their best pal. Now that I’ve chosen a career as a helper to those who want to heal themselves, I encounter people making decisions on how to treat illness with hopes of saving their lives. I see a lot of people choosing to fight with medicines, chemicals and surgeries, and losing their lives. So, I went to bed the other night with this lurking in my mind. When one young person dies – the memory of all the young ones who have lost their lives to tragedy, accident and illness all kind of come sneaking back. And, I asked (God, my guides, my inner self) Why? What’s the lesson here? Why are these children (some of them in my own family) now living without their mommy? Could I h ave done something with knowledge that was given to me intuitively? Sometimes I get psychic guilt. I see these things happen, and I assume I see them because I can stop them. But, perhaps I’m not supposed to stop them?

Here’s what I got loud and clear: “She just really longed to get Home, Gina. You, of all people should understand the feeling of missing Home. You spend your life chasing a feeling of security, when you know there isn’t any in the material sense. You move from place to place and come home at night hoping to find that relief that you never get. You miss it so badly here too Gina. Everyone does. Most people don’t consciously realize what they are missing and they are quite successful filling their days with things that make them happy –relationships, knowledge, food. We want you to have these pleasures, but they never take the place of the Bliss you get when you return to your natural state in spirit. You choose when it’s time to come home. And, trust me, you won’t come until you are finished with what you set out to do. No one truly leaves. They just change. They change into their truer selves. No one is left. We would never leave anyone alone. When she left, she had the choice and she came freely and with joy as she saw her loved ones who had returned before her. She is resting and learning and considering coming back over to do more teaching. But, she fulfilled her purpose. More people who are close to you are going to return home soon because their purposes have also been filled, and they will better serve from Home. You will see them all again. Nothing could have been done to stop the “deaths” that we showed you before they happened. No wrong choices were made. The choices that were made were made according to the plan. You are doing a great job.”

When messages like this consume me — I can’t pack, plan, or prioritize until I write them out. Now that loud inner voice “She just really longed to get Home, Gina,” has calmed down. So, I hope this helps you in some way. If you have recently lost a loved one – I think the important thing is that he or she is Home.

I wish you love,


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