Autism Recovery: Autism Dads — You Can Embrace a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle!

When my son was born I thought that I was simply one of the luckiest parents on the planet.  He grew to have great communication and motor skills.  Moreover, he was happy.  He was the picture of health, and we did everything in our power to give him the best that could be provided by the highest recommended doctors that we could find.  Life was good, and then it happened… I took my son to get one too many vaccinations and my beautiful boy stopped smiling.  I couldn’t understand.  I thought that we were doing everything possible for him.

We took him back to the doctor to ask why he had stopped walking and talking.  They told us that he was just sick and prescribed him more medicine.  My wife looks back at those days and can still see the nurses trying to persuade us not to treat our child with these immunizations and antibiotics, but we couldn’t understand why they were directing us away from the doctors orders.  We were believers.  We thought that it was the best way, and there was nothing more important to us then getting our little Dougie back to perfect health.  Still, to hear them say that he was autistic and was never going to talk again seemed horrible.  How could they say that when they had all the medicine in the world to cure him.

We were dragging his little body through the mud of western medicine.  Destroying his immune system and making it impossible for him to heal.  It got to the point where he was refusing to eat anything but pizza.  So much for the natural foods full of nutrients that my wife had been making him from birth.  If he saw a pea on his plate he would throw a fit and refuse to eat.  I would say that he needed to go back to the doctor and my wife would urge me otherwise, stating that it wasn’t helping.  I couldn’t hear her though.

I had grown up watching my father go to work all day, come home and complain about it, and then go back out again.  I was bred to do one function and I had gotten pretty good at it.  I was in the legal field and it was paying me the money that I needed to provide my family with the medical treatment that I thought was necessary in today’s society.  With all the money that I was making I never learned how to budget out the resources to simply learn what was happening with my son.  I was in my preoccupation making money instead of time.

My wife refused to take my son to the doctor anymore, and said that she was going to learn about his health and why he had regressed into what the doctors labeled as autism.  She was reading and studying all the time, and stressed out to the max with a husband who was mad at her for not allowing the professionals to take care of our son.  I was so lost.  She changed his and her diet and encouraged me to join them, but I was too busy playing lawyer that I couldn’t hear her logic.  I would still eat dinner with them, but I would continue to eat the way that I had been, and they would eat what my wife had researched.

I didn’t fight her once I saw my son start to calm down, but I also didn’t join.  I learned the bare bones version of her health conquest so that way it was easy for me to feed Dougie while I was out alone with him.  It was terrible.  He hated his new food and I thought that he hated me for giving it to him.  I only wanted to see him happy.  If I had my way back then I would have just given him the pizza to watch him smile again.  I think that there are lots of men out there who understand exactly what I am saying here.  We just cant see the benefit in something if the immediate result is resentment.  Why bother with the health food when he is with me.  I only want to see him happy with the limited time that I had away from the job that supported his life.  Let the wife deal with recovery on her time.

Slowly, I started to see small improvements in my son over months of his diet change.  His mood started to change.  Every once in a while I started getting eye contact from him again.  I was turning into a believer.  He was eating better.  Living better.  My poor wife.  I agreed with the diet, but wouldn’t join her on it myself.  She would make food for them and then food for me.  Attempting to add in healthier and healthier options into my dinners.  I was fine with it, but would eat like crap at work when I was in my groove, not paying attention to what was going into my gut.  Tons of coffee and foods riddled with chemicals were the diet of choice at the firm.  I was working out every day, but not able to keep my body in shape.  I saw that Dougie and my wife were turning into a vision of health, but I couldn’t join them… not with the stress of my job.

Then, something amazing happened.  I was offered a way to move away and keep my position at the firm.  I was getting ulcers at the time and had started smoking quite frequently with the drama associated in a busy chicago-based law firm.  I jumped at the opportunity with an exasperated and immediate yes to the move.  We got rid of our possessions and only packed what we could fit into our little car.  A few weeks later we were in sunny California looking for the perfect home near Dougie’s school, and I was determined to finally learn what was going on with my wife and son.  Despite what all the so-called professionals who wanted to medicate our son had said, he had learned how to walk and talk again.

I started to learn.  It was hard.  Hard to believe and accept.  I was being poisoned by our supposedly secure food system.  Don’t believe that we are being poisoned?  I recommend that you go into your kitchen and start reading your own ingredient labels and research what all those unknown names are that they slip into our food.  My legal mind got mad.  No, make that furious.  I trusted and believed.  I voted for toxicity with my dollar every day.  I only had disease to show for all that money lost to fast food and poor health choices.  There was such an easier and better way to live that whole time.  But, I’m just a man, right?  I am too busy to think about health, right?  I needed to provide for my family and do that at any cost, right?  Wrong!!!!  I could never help my family by sitting on the sidelines acting like I cared by simply making money.  The only way for me to heal my family or anyone else was to heal myself.

I came out of my delusions and joined them in the healing process.  My family is thriving now.  We live a beautiful life full of joy and wonderment every day.  We love and live on a scale that I have no right to experience, and I thank God every day that we had the strength to pull through our confusion and come out on top.

To the lost/confused/skeptic, you are a wonderful being of light.  You have the ability to move mountains with your mind.  You can feel as perfect as you always wanted to.  There are no secrets here.  We all have the abilities that I only recently learned about.  I am not more or less than you.  We are all one, learning together.  I am proud to be here with you and wish you the best that life offers.

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