Autism One Recap: Canary Party Launch, Byron Katie’s “Work” and Sugar-Laced Vit. B12 Lollies

The Autism One Conference gifted us with free registration this year, which  opened the door for many interested parents to learn about the causes and cures for autism symptoms. The conference promised to be a place where talking about recovery is well-accepted and even common. In fact, I did meet several parents whose children have fully recovered from autism, and who came to the conference to learn and share even more.

I’m a dig-between-the-lines kinda girl, so I don’t really mind investigating deeper to find the answers I’m looking for. I went to the conference this year because The price was right, some of my clients were going, and I really wanted to learn from some of the speakers.

 Canary Party Launch

To be present when the Canary Party announced its mission to de-toxify pharmaceuticals via science-backed political pressure  — made me feel like the most Blissed chick in town. Finally!  –A group is coming together to demand safe and effective  medicine that doesn’t harm our kids. I have a child who has been harmed by the toxins in vaccinations and pharmaceuticals and subsequently infected with autism. It has taken a great time, sweat and tears to detoxify and re-build him. He is recovered from autism, but still has some of this toxic build-up in his system. If I need to give him medications or vaccinations, he could get really hurt again. Many of us are being hurt because the chemicals and additives in our medications are not being tested before being recognized as safe. Canary is urging that the burden of proof be shifted to the government and drug makers.

I think this proves healthier times are on the way for us. We are taking our Bliss Tour to the MN Canary Party Convention on July 22. Come meet us there.

Byron Katie’s  The Work

Byron Katie and Jenny McCarthy presented “The Work” as the conference keynote. You simply cannot put a price on the feeling of relief that results in taking our emotions and thoughts for a little truth challenge. “The work” can be a little frustrating because it forces us to look at what we “believe” to be true.

The  parents attending  the conference discovered many common  beliefs that don’t serve to make us feel any better or progress. Beliefs like “vaccines are to blame,”  “my child will always be sick,”  and “no one understands me.”  I’ve had all of these, and I use Byron Katie’s tips in my own life and in my coaching and healing programs

Katie asks us to go through what upsets us and ask ourselves “is this true?” Are we believing something “true” or are we creating a reality that is driving us nuts? Please check out her free site.  You can download worksheets and be your own  best therapist.

I’ll have more soon on how I specifically use “The work”  in my life so stay tuned.

Meeting Great Doctors and Inspirational Parents

I had the chance to meet Dr. Corinne Allen who runs Brain Camps and  sells some pretty cutting edge supplementation. Dr. Allen spent a great deal of time with my husband and I explaining the benefits of this product (MaxOne) that enhances glutathione production in the body.

Every cell in the body requires glutathione. In David Kirby’s  book “Evidence of Harm”  he says that the word  Glutathione literally translates to “get the metal out.”  We are naturally equipped with glutathione to help us rid ourselves of daily toxins. And, many of us parents with children on the spectrum have tried chelation, fermented foods, chlorella, cilantro, and other methods to get the metal out of our babies. Dr. Allen  feels that this supplement , which is derived from food, is a much more efficient choice.

I bought the “Max One” for Dougie and am going to begin trying it in a few days. I thought it was worth blogging about because we just don’t do supplements that are not whole foods themselves (like spirulina etc).  Something about this one spoke to me. I’ll keep you posted on the results we see.

Sugar Sugar

So, there seriously wasn’t a healthy thing to eat in sight at this conference. And, it seemed as though some people DID go through tons of trouble getting good, tasty, gluten-free, casein-free eats for the event. Problem is… so much of it was processed and full of sugar.

While, it may have been “less” harmful (and Blissfully Free),  it’s not the message I want to share with families who are trying to recover their children.  I’d be very surprised if someone recovered  from autism by simply removing gluten and casein. Surely, this is not what the conference was saying. But, there wasn’t enough about what to eat. The “picky eaters” lecture was teaching parents how to work with various flours etc. Children with autism often have such weak and sick digestive systems that eating flour of any kind will harm them.

All of the presenters were well-meaning. I just don’t feel that enough attention was given to how to truly use food to heal.

More Suagr

I stressed myself out walking up and down the aisles of vendors giving away gross processed-high fructose corn syrup-laden candies like Reese Cups. But at least they were not selling them. One B12 supplement rep. told me that they “had” to use sugar (not stevia, honey, agave, xylitol, yacon etc) in their lollipops because it was way healthier.  Oh Puuulease!

Sugar, please excuse my french, is the devil to autism guts. It makes candida grow, and leaks through the gut into the brain and other  organs. I wanted so badly to hear more about eating whole foods, and fermented foods.

I did learn tons more that I want to share with you. More tomorrow!



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