Inspired By Today: Tricia Huffman “Your Joyologist”


I  have these friends. These certain people whose names and voices and faces tug at my heart strings and get me all giddy-style hyper like a child. Sometimes I wonder why… when they’re on the other side of the planet…. do I feel such a surge of joy for their experiences? Sometimes I miss them. Often, I still wish they were here for a hug or a laugh. But, life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if they weren’t out there shakin it up.

Tricia Huffman is one of those friends. We went to college together and saw each other through landlords, boyfriends, house parties and such delish food. Tricia always had this way of being truthful no matter what. It’s a characteristic I hoped I radiated too. There’s something so easy about being friends with someone you know will always tell it like it is.  And, now when I look at where that led Tricia, and how she is bringing her truth into helping the world in such a beautiful way — I couldn’t be more inspired or BLISSED!

Tricia’s Blog “Your Joyologist” is a crazy, love-filled, BLISS fest of honesty and life lessons. Her Life Lessons. She openly shares with us so that we too can feel the joy of the moment and of being our truest selves.

Being true to our truest selves is a game that we get better at the more we practice, I mean, it’s everything that I’m about. I just don’t always know EXACTLY what I need or who I am  in a moment. Tricia’s words constantly catapult me back into the now and help me realize that this is not only okay — but, it’s just as it should be.

It’s clear to me that we teach what we need to learn, and us teachers have got some pretty big lessons to learn. My best teachers are my friends. When I’m stuck in a creative rut, when I’m butting heads with reality, when I’m coming down on myself — I look to these women and how they live their lives. And, they inspire me to embrace myself even more.

I read Tricia’s Blog and watch her vids not just to connect with an old friend… but to literally get the coaching I need to soar through or cry through my day. Usually, there are tears first because her words just hit me where I need to work the most.

Today it was all about my skin. Or wait — Tricia’s skin. Her post. I am Being Blessed With Imperfect Skin” is so outrageously awesome  that you just have to read it for yourself. I can so easily find the blessings in my life. But, when it comes to my skin, I’m often at a loss. I think I might finally have it in a soft and glowy state. But it’s true– I think too hard about it. I have very sensitive acne prone skin ( that has healed profoundly since embracing the healthy life), but it’s not the skin I thought a healer/health coach should have.  But, I must admit that those self-destructive thoughts are a fadin.’ And, today I am grateful for my skin. And, today I am beauty.

Tricia — Thank you for your constant inspiration and joyous work. You rock my world.

The rest of you — You will be so joy-struck by Tricia Huffman’s Blog. She’s even got some donation-based webinars you can get here!

Tricia has a category on her blog called” Inspired By today,”and that has inspired me to pay tribute to those friends and lovers around the globe who  help keep me going.  So, there’ll be more of these posts to come.




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