If You Like Green-ya-Coladas

…….And Getting Caught in the Rain

Today’s one of those cheese-ball Chicago days where I’m  finally giving in to the weather,  and allowing it to inspire me.  I  let go of my glamorous sunshiny California life.  I’m livin’  on the road. I have to deal with weather. And, in this case that means  rain, shine, humidity, HEAT, COLD, wind, and more rain.  Oh, and HAIL twice in June. I’ve been sad that the “shine” part has been hard to catch. But, we’ll be packed up again any day now, so it’s high time we dive into this experience.

There’s nothin’  like the lovin’  ZING you get from a boost of green juice BLENDED with some fermented coconut kefir.  Yeah, you heard me — I’m over here Blending up fermented  green bevvys that will boost your  mood, energize you, and keep you light enough on your feet to dance  in the Chi-town rain all morning.

Here’s how I make my Green-ya Coladas



  • Blend pineapple and water in blender until smooth
  • Add in e3 and blend for a few seconds
  • Add in coconut milk and blend a bit more
  • Pour into cold glasses and stir in coconut kefir or Innergy Biotic.

Other options: You can add any green juice of your choice or green powder of your choice. You can also ferment home-made pineapple juice by adding it to equal parts coconut water and using a Body Ecology Culture starter or some coconut kefir to start the fermentation process. Recipes like this will be in my new book, “Are you Eating your Bugs?  Your Probiotic Diet to Bliss”– coming out sooooooon!

Now,  I’m gonna go sip on this loveliness and dance on off to the Farmer’s Market with my girls.



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