Eco -Style Touring and Family Life on the Road

I swear my hubby and I have pavement in our blood. We love the road. We love traveling. And, I for one made it my secret birthday wish YEARS ago to sleep under the stars more nights than not. And, Finally, Finally — it’s all coming into fruition.

We Got our RV Bliss Mobile, and it’s time to celebrate!

7 months ago, we vowed to get on the road,  show our son the world, bring healing and enlightenment to ourselves and whoever else crosses our paths — and to do it ECO – STYLE. If everything we do doesn’t reflect our love for mama earth, we don’t really wanna do it. After really discovering what it’s like to find our true selves and our purpose this time around — we also realized that our health and our Bliss was made possible by this planet and all of her beautiful gifts — the trees, the herbs, the air, the water and  of course, the people and animals.

But, what’s so eco-style about living on the road in an RV?

On-the-road touring can be one of the least earthsponsible (a word I just made up — meaning responsible to our commitment to the planet) things we can do.  Big Houses on Wheels guzzle gas, and can cost people upwards of 25K per year in fuel alone.

If you ‘ve been following this journey, you know that we were in search of a vehicle that we could run on veggie fuel. And, we searched for one for about 5 months. The ones that we found required lots of other costly repairs besides the conversion costs.

Another important factor for our search was that we were looking for an RV to sleep 3 and have room for clients and friends to sit down for great convo and tea with us — as we really want to make the place a roaming  BLISS MACHINE. But, we didn’t want our Home on Wheels to be too big and heavy. We wanted a smaller, more cozy place that was easy to drive. Oh, and I told Doug that no matter what Bliss Mobile we chose, I wanted to tear apart the inside and re-do it. So, for earth’s sake — we wanted something that needed interior gutting and one that ran like a charm.

We chose an RV older than me that runs on gasoline — but runs like a champ, was dirt cheap, and requires minimal  mechanical upgrades, and a complete interior/ cosmetic and structural  re-boot. The inside was a wretched mess when we got her. Score! We’ve always wanted the option to have a home completley designed by us.  We’re recording every inch of our remodel process, btw.

And the “Eco” Part?

The low upfront cost allows us to make interior changes that are toxin-free, recyclable, recycled and/or renewable without hesitation. If we bought an RV with brand new carpeting, I’d have a heavy heart pulling it out and dumping it despite it being dipped in some toxic combo of formeldahyde and cancer.

Here are some more eco-style choices and dreams we have for our new place

  • No/low V.O.C. interior paint
  • Chemical-free wood
  • Recycled, toxin-free insulation
  • Organic Mattresses, pillows and bedding
  • Water Saving system (this is something we are creating and will update you all when we have the plan in place)
  • Buying only whole, unpackaged food (as long as its possible)
  • Composting on the road
  • Sun Oven (we’re building it and will show you how we did it soon)
  • Kick-ass space saving genius work (loving the creative flowy work)
  • Sleeping Outdoors lots to share energy w/ mama earth
  • Growing  our own herbs
  • Re-claiming, dumpster diving and thrifting for cabinetry, sink bowl and other upgrades
  •  Planting Trees and wild greens on the way (dreams of sprinkling arugula and basil or some sort of yum-ilishous and nutritious green in each forest we visit)
  • Gathering Spring Water
  • Minimal Electronics (we’re conserving on phone, computer, internet devices as we also want to stay vibrationally vibrant and not have too much buzzing around us
  • Combining Home and Workspace
  • All Mechanical upgrades purchased at cost or inexpensively as possible and all work done by us (with a little help from some friends)
We will not be installing those “eco-friendly” light bulbs that contain mercury because we feel they are a complete  joke. We’re hoping to continue to improve our fuel efficiency  as we upgrade  and care for this beautious machine. We’re stoked that we were able to rescue her from the hands of those who hung USA flag curtains in her windows. She is  receiving Reiki daily  and we cannot wait to take her on the road and hug you in person.
More on how we plan to homeschool, see clients and Bliss Out on the road soon.  Everything’s being recorded so keep checking in.

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