Thrive- The Movie: A Serious Take on how We Can Save Ourselves

We watched this incredible film as a family last night, and I’m so glad we did. This is something easy to watch and simple to understand, and it offers a much-needed call to Love Action in such an organized way. I’ve heard these concepts before. I’ve felt them. I’ve used them. But, I think that Mr. Gamble presents it in a way that the mainstream can understand.  It’s  no coincidence that this film surfaces now when were at a major turning point in our consciousness evolution. Watch it! Take action! And spread the  love to your friends and family. Let’s all Thrive,  after all, it is our natural way of being.

This movie keeps getting removed from YouTube. If that happens, please do a search for it, it’s  a must-see

Here is the website  where more info can be found.



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4 thoughts on “Thrive- The Movie: A Serious Take on how We Can Save Ourselves

  1. This was an excellent movie. If you’re not sure, watch it!

  2. agreed. and its also rather beautiful to watch. a great place to start for those who want to begin understanding what’s going on in the world xo

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