Inspired By Today: Angela Stokes Monarch and Matt Monarch — Lotus Birth

I’m in awe. It’s so inspiring when people take their lives into their own hands and do what they know is best for them and their families. We had Dougie in the “normal” way–at the hospital. I asked my doctor about a water birth, because that’s what I really wanted. But, I hadn’t done enough research at the time to know there were other ways to have a baby than at a hospital.  Now this all seems natural and normal to me and I’m grateful that there are people like Matt and Angela out there, showing us what it’s like to embrace nature.

Babies have been being born healthy and happy since the beginning of time without intervention style birthing, I’m so thrilled for Baby Oria, who chose to come into this world through the absolutely gorgeous way her parents  and Mother Nature designed for her. It seems so peaceful and welcoming,

Every person deserves such a beautiful welcome!

Watch the video here:


One thought on “Inspired By Today: Angela Stokes Monarch and Matt Monarch — Lotus Birth

  • I think natural, homebirth is the way to go if you are able to do so. (Which not everyone can despite manifesting etc the birth they desire like the Monarchs.)

    For sure Mother Nature designed women to labour but it is still a full on experience during which complications can arise that any amount of positive visualization won’t fix.

    All cultures have birth guides/midwives/older experienced women to look after the labouring mother. Someone who can sit quietly if the birth is going smoothly but with the knowledge to notice when something is going wrong & the skills, in this case, to make sure both baby and mother live.

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