Last Night’s Dream

20120205-211105.jpgI just woke up from a bad dream. It was one of those scenarios where you don’t mind being woken up at two in the morning, just so it could be over. I dreamt that I didn’t have the life that I was currently living. I didn’t have my wife and I didn’t have my son. I understand that from a spectator’s glance that this doesn’t seem like such a drastic bad dream, but for anyone who truly loves their family, that connection is everything. I sat in bed and stewed over what could have brought me to such a nightmare.

Is it fear that creates negativity in our thoughts? You can have a million psychologists tell you exactly where bad dreams and negative thoughts come from, but in the end it is truly all speculation. There is science behind our thoughts, for sure, but the truth is that we create our thoughts from what we see and do in life. If your thoughts are all fear based then you probably feel as if you are against the ropes, barely staying alive in the fight to live. These thoughts have nothing to do with the amount of money you make, the job you have or the the toys you accumulate. It’s all about your inner quality of life. I believe that my dream came from moving around the last few months trying to find the correct place to live, and hoping that my little family was happy with the decision.

The underlying fact here is that it doesn’t matter where we go as long as we have each other, and that we always need to stay in the moment no matter what our situation is. I don’t believe that dwelling on negativity will bring about a positive outcome. During my day I rarely think about the negative, and when it comes up I generally have a knack for brushing it off and looking for the positive in my situation. This doesn’t mean that I’m immune to negativity, but that I don’t find a reason to continue it when it comes upon me.
I can remember being a child and waking up from a nightmare. It was so real in my simple mind that I was scared to go back to bed. As an adult I get the pleasure of being able to understand my dreams and break them apart to find clues that my subconscious is dropping on me. It’s awesome what a little perspective and some life experiences will do for you.
I intend on going back to sleep and I don’t intend on having another bad dream. If I were to sit down and keep thinking about how horrible the dream was then I don’t believe that type of lingering on something drama oriented would lift my spirits. I am going to center myself. Take in a long drink of my family and sit back in revelry for a few minutes before I lay down. My son is sleeping peacefully after a long day of playing with me. My wife is beginning to notice that the bed might not be as warm as she would prefer. Life is beautiful. Regardless of any problems that may occur, this moment here and now is perfect. I’m going back to sleep and I’m going to dream of a good life, my life. Stay in the moment.

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