2/22 Pay-it-Forward Reiki Healing Attunement

2/22 feels like a magical day. I’ve been seeing this number pop up for ages and have come to find it really important in my life. So, at 2:22 pm today I will be offering another pay it forward Reiki Healing Attunement, just like this one. Want to participate? Just comment here and leave a good intention that you would like to achieve. Then, pay that energy forward. The world is starving for your gifts!



7 thoughts on “2/22 Pay-it-Forward Reiki Healing Attunement

  • Yes, that’d be wonderful! Thank you so much Gina! My intention is for me and the little one evolve spiritually and attain the divine love.

  • Hi Gina! I would love some Reiki about softening my ability to be in pure JOY in my business and gentle about opening up to the flow of money as it comes in and supports me in being financially covered so I can be completely relaxed in order to be of highest service and flow in opening up to help more clients. Love!

    • Let’s do it! I’m with you! It’s no time to play it small, we all need to go for it! Very excited as these attunements usually prove to be pretty profound

      • Thank you dearest soul!! Absolutely – It’s no time to play it small!! I am going to quote you on that on my newest FB page!! YAY so excited for the attunement – Thank you and LOVE.

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