Manifesto de Bliss

I just re-read our Manifesto after 5 years, and I have to say it still holds true! I love what we do and am so grateful for all of our supporters! Thank You everyone for helping create and being a part of our Blissed Life!!

Our Mission is Simple. We believe that BLISS is what the world needs now.

We’re dedicated to helping you connect to the complete satisfaction within you and use it to empower and INSPIRE yourself and others.

Your Bliss might be different from ours, but we’re convinced that by peacefully blending our TRUTHS, we will create a delicious harmony that rocks us all to infinity. What you believe is up to you. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all thought the same?

We’re just here to strive for your freedom to REVEL in your CONSCIOUS choices.

Simple Answers to Complicated Problems are the only ones that make sense to us. We find Bliss in offering the truest part of ourselves to serving you with the most updated, open-minded vibrations possible.

Simple answers sometimes come from looking at all of the complicated issues we face. We also acknowledge our power to create our own reality, and that this reality is one that we co-created.

We’re adventurers on a quest to understand and enjoy LIFE to its absolute fullest. We get the hugest kick out of expanding our minds. Our cups are empty and ready for more. There’s enough space in our hearts to hold the galaxy. We’re excited and new, yet old as the ancient mystery schools. We remember Atlantis. And Lemuria.

Blissed Life is our gift to you. This is how we connect to our TRUEST selves.

We’re glad you’re here with us. It’s gonna be fun! We want you to know that all you really need to do here is LOVE what is within you and LOVE OUTLOUD in all you do. The power of that vibration is enough. Everything else is dessert. YUM!

The Ultimate Truth: We are All One

This is our golden rule. We march to our own drummers, but the beat connects us. We are affected by one another and every life form on this planet because we come from the same intelligent source. We communicate vibrationally. We were made with purpose, and both modern science and ancient wisdom continue to prove this.

Our planet, our galaxy, our family and friends, the flowers, trees and the bees — we are all manifestations of life force energy, and examples of the rich diversity of our gorgeous planet. You can call this energy God, Alla, Spirit, Universe, Consciousness, the Source, and you would be right.

We are one but not the same. And it takes all of us connecting to our deepest inner truth to save ourselves from the threats to our own divinity.

We believe, as a result of deep study and meditation, that the earth is a conscious being whose purpose is to lead itself into higher consciousness. We are cells within the earth. We can either go with her into BLISS, or she will go without us. She is protected with a natural system of balance that includes the abilities of every being and cell within her.

We each have a unique and important role.

We’re a bit uncomfy with the word “heal.” That’s because we believe that we have free-will and we called ourselves into conflict as an inspiration for change. We are all partly responsible for what ails us today.(We will use the word heal when it comes to illness, because we believe it’s a well understood term).

We need to evolve and we will. It’s part of our nature.

The “elite” energy represents our own inner shadow selves. To move more smoothly into Bliss means welcoming our own shadow sides. It is said that in the beginning of time “evil” was created as a spewing out of energy from the inner core of LOVE. This energy was “left out.” It was a mistake. (or perhaps not). This idea inspires the “yin/yang” principles of balance. So, maybe what we see as evil really isn’t. Maybe it’s just left out.

The “Illuminati” supposedly began under the pretenses of sharing new knowledge in a time when that wasn’t allowed. But, they were constantly left out (killed, suppressed etc), and they morphed into that dark scared energy that controls all of the physical things that now keep us alive. And the only way they can get to our minds is to instill fear in us. But, they themselves are made from fear and the energy of being left out.

We believe that we are one with them and one with you. That by welcoming in this fearful shadow side of our collective self, our evolution to the next phase of consciousness will benefit every single living being. We send LOVE where there was blame. We hold a vision of a smooth and delightful transition.


It’s pretty much the 2nd most important item on our list. And, even when things don’t inspire a fallonthefloorwetyourpants type reaction — we see the humor anyway. Plus, when you spend part of your time talking to spirits and the other part researching the validity of those “conversations” — you need an outlet. Laughter is our favorite outlet.


We believe that there is an overflowing amount of everything that we could ever want and need available to us. The trick is believing it’s there, and removing the pre-programmed limiting beliefs.


Our hearts emit a vibration that is at least 500 times stronger than the pulses emitted by our brains. It is now well-documented that our DNA changes and heals as a result of this vibrational communication, rather than by protein synthesis. Be grateful and you will boost this healing heart vibration. We believe gratitude is a great way of connecting to your own ability to prevent and heal from illness.

Free Energy

We believe that there are abundant resources for free energy, both intentionally hidden and also yet undiscovered– that will allow us to safely and affectively power the world without harming the planet and her loved ones.

As Reiki Masters and Energy Healers, we can psychically tap into source and use it to heal and co-create positive change. It’s only a matter of time before those with similar technologies will be allowed to share their wisdom.

Food For All

We need clean food in order to think and function properly. To function at our optimal potential, we need even more than just clean food. We need to understand how our individual bodies react to food. We need the best food available. And, it’s possible for all of us to have these high vibrational foods that fuel our consciousness and build our physical strength.

Unfortunately, we have found that the majority of food available to us isn’t actually food. It is composed of manufactured food-impostors that are full of chemicals and genetically modified garbage. It’s garbage because it is slowly killing our physical bodies. And our minds! Our bodies are meant to crave these un-foods because of chemical reactions and the fact that processed junk food causes parasites and disease…. parasites will make the host crave what’s good for the bug.

There are attempts to fool us into thinking that vegetables are good for us, when our veggies are being sprayed with things that cause neurological damage and even sterility. Our food is being irradiated. Our food is being packaged with chemicals. Our food is being handled with malice instead of LOVE.

We want to be healthy. But, beyond better choices we are starving for a true education on what’s really going on in our food system.

We’ve always wanted to feed the world. And that’s part of our mission here. We support local farms, permaculture, and LOVE-based organic farming. We used to be vegetarians and raw vegans and found much healing in that. However, it is not currently sustaining us. We believe in getting close to your food. Knowing where it comes from FOR REAL, and respecting the entire process from farm to mouth. We follow Body Ecology principles of fermented food, food energy, food combining, alkaline eating and honoring our unique needs based on blood type and genotype. We have learned to eat intuitively, and believe that you can too – when your system is clean enough to send you clear messages. You will know when this happens.

There is an abundance of food to nourish each and every soul on this planet if we work with the earth instead of against it. We save seeds, plant seeds, and encourage any ways you can garden or farm on your own. Container or window gardening in the city sends a message that you are taking control of your own food supply and the vibrational effects reach further than the physical harvest.

Water, Air, Weather, Environment, Atmosphere

These components of Mama Earth that we depend on can be rescued from the current manipulation they are experiencing. Every breath we take is likely to be tainted with (intentional) poisoning. From HAARP technologies which transform our atmosphere into a plasma for warfare and create natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes etc) with toxic side effects, to the fluoridation of water which is known to calcify our pineal glands — our true brain connection to source energy and our divinity — the picture may seem pretty grim. But, not when we understand that we are not alone. We are gifted with air and water and the protective shield of our planet, and so we are vibrationally connected to them.

Thankfully science now proves what we have always known to be true. We can send healing vibrations into these parts of our planet and successfully change the outcome of such harmful technologies.

We believe that one day (and soon) these technologies which are meant to control and harm us will be dissolved, but that we need to take an active role in that dissolution.


Money can be a beautiful component in a mutually BLISSFUL exchange of services. We always use our money with love and are happy to pay for services and earn our own. We believe that there is an abundance of payment to go around the world and finance all of ours and your needs zillions of times over. By voting with our money, we can change the face of finances in our personal and global lives.

When we don’t give money to the bigger Banksters, and instead create our own local (or global) economies that serve everyone in LOVE, there is no need for the Banksters. That energy that controls us with the falsity of scarcity will be forced to morph into something else.


It’s what you make it to be. There are many realities co-existing, and you can choose which one to take part in. We simply work toward making that choice available to you.


If you’re going to fight for anything, fight for the right to know the true you. For, in knowing who you really are under thought, belief, emotion, facts, friends, money, status, environmental toxins, genetically modified foods, illness, sadness, stress, lies, conspiracy theories, religion, race, political party, radiation poison from the government sponsored HAARP induced “natural Disasters” of late…. You will find true freedom. You are a soul with enough power to burst through that which doesn’t serve you. And, by doing that, you help the rest of us to do the same.

We Love You. We really do!

Gina and Doug

image credit: “trippy-man-tree”

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