Does Gratitude Really Work? There’s Only One Way to Tell!


Call us the skeptical mystics. We like to see tangible proof. We spend our days working with subtle energies that most people can’t see. And, we are constantly pinching ourselves to make sure we’re not dreaming. So, to prove we’re not just loony, Doug and I are going to put our gratitude in writing for a month and share with you the tangible results of our quest.

It would Rock our Worlds to have you Join Us!

There’s plenty of proof that that the flow of life is dependent upon vibration. DNA changes as a result of vibrational communication and interpretation. I’ve done distance Reiki sessions where clients claim to have felt things moving inside their bodies at the exact time that I focus on flushing out tumors or repairing tissues. Then, I get calls about how pain has disappeared or allergies are simply gone.

Heart Math tells us that the vibration that comes from our hearts is the strongest one our bodies emit, and that it has the power to create much healing. The vibration of gratitude comes from our hearts. I noticed that when I create vision boards, desires manifest pretty quickly if I focus on my gratitude while pasting pics.

This is not enough proof for us. We have tons of faith that this all works. But we want to know more and share more with you. One of our favorite things to do with new clients is spend five minutes on gratitude, because when we do that — they nearly always see tangible results right after our session.

Our lives have been BLISSED for sure. We seem to get everything that we ask for. A rather silly example is how we get furniture for our new apartments. We have a manifestation routine that goes a little something like this: We look at our empty apartment and say out loud what we imagine in each spot. Then, we spend about 2 weeks collecting the exact same items from alleys and thrift stores. Nice things too. You’d never know that most of our apartments have been furnished for free. We actually visualized a free brown leather couch in Chicago that we hated to part with when we left. But, we gave it to a friend on the faith that we’d find a new one in Santa Monica. And, of course we did. Right in our own alley.

We are so grateful to be taken care of by the Universe like this. And, we feel it’s our responsibility to continuously share with you how easily vibrations can be changed to work out better for you. You can change the vibrations of guilt and worry into love and gratitude and experience life completely differently.

Today, there are some things that we want in our lives. And, I got the message that as I evolve as a healer my energy becomes more and more clear. I’ll only be really happy if I spend most of my time focussed on high vibrations like gratitude. So, we’re going to post our gratitude journals here for a month, and spill the beans on what we see happening in return.

As for those “things” that we want? We’re looking for more financial stability, and growth of our business. We would also like to take more classes to continue our alternative health education.

So, without further ado…

Gina’s Gratitude List:
My soft blanket and waking-up inspired
Fresh air
Dougie’s adorable sleepy face
Laughing at the trumpets playing outside our window and the cute Mexican children shouting their Spanish welcome song from the school across the street.
Doug’s early -morning joke fest
The little doggie who sneaks onto our balcony like we can’t see her
The opportunity to get a delicious new apartment today
Hearing Spanish spoken with an Italian accent
Free breakfast
Sweet email messages
Homeschool fun!

Doug’s Gratitude List:

Playing with my son
Knowing my wife
Great friends
Great teachers
The ability to travel
Helping people
Sunrises and sunsets
New experiences

We’ll be spending time throughout the day focussing on the cool stuff on our lists and doing other stuff that makes us grateful. And we’ll share that with you too. Join us! Let us know how gratitude has worked for you. Tell us what’s floating your boat right now, Let’s make some positive ripples!

Love Love Love Gina and Doug XOXOOX

Keep up with each day’s results here!

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12 thoughts on “Does Gratitude Really Work? There’s Only One Way to Tell!

  1. Hi Gina, what a WONDERFUL idea!!!!!!
    I’m grateful for my wonderful hubby who tries his very best to make me happy, with his own unique twist
    I’m so grateful for my lovely boys who are so loving & caring
    I’m grateful for all the information I am being directed towards, to help James conquer his health problems and be the strong healthy boy I know truly is
    I’m grateful for knowing you and all the adventures we’re enjoying
    I’m grateful for the daily laughs that are never expected
    I’m grateful for a warm bath
    I’m grateful for good food & water
    I’m grateful for having so many things to be grateful for, that I can’t finish this list!!!!!
    Better go, hungry boys to feed.
    Lots of love, Amanda xxxxx

  2. Hello my dear friend! Thanks for sharing your sweet vibration. I’m grateful for you too!

  3. ♥ it and being grateful is giving me peace.

  4. Thanks so much Gina…I will get into this practice as well… I can deeply relate to your viewpoint and have many of the same desires. I look forward to reading more and hope you will share when you feel something has been proven in relation to your gratitude lists…

    1. Thank you for reading! We will be sharing every day for a month. Stay tuned xo

  5. Wow! What an amazing blog! I love the gratitude lists! I’ve done it before, but not on a daily/monthly basis and I think it’s good to constantly remind yourself what blessings you have in life! It was so lovely to have met you all and I wish you all the best! No doubt I’ll follow along your journeys here! Best!! Lori (Your downstairs Sayulita neighbor!)

    1. Thanks Lori! I’m sitting down here right now. Pretty funny!

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