Ascension Symptoms: Is this Spiritual Awakening Happening to You?

The Whole Multiverse Has Gone Conscious

2014 Update: As Time and Space continue to squish together more rapidly and completely than ever before, I am seeing more evidence that we are succeeding in the uplifting of our planet/consciousness. During this time, many of us who wish to hit those higher realms of consciousness and thought often get sucked into (for whatever reason) leaving our bodies.. Perhaps we do this in dreams, energy work, meditation or astral travel. I’m noticing a trend amongst “LightWorkers” to deny their precious bodies and the importance of our avatars. If you receive any help from this article, please understand that it is very important to take exquisite care of your body as you move into higher spiritual knowing. Part of this ascension process is to fully respect, honor and understand our bodies. As Above So below, As Within So Without. We tend to want to ditch the body care when the going gets tough on the physical plane. Especially when we can see the other side of things. Many of my clients and friends are suffering from reoccurrences of old illnesses, serious body pain and challenges that demand attention. So, are you ascending? Yes, we all are. Which means we are being opened up to the deepest understanding of our own power, where we came from (the stars) and how to get back to ONENESS. We have always been ascending. We are just now closer than we’ve ever been and we’ve got more support than we’ve ever had.   

If you’re an avid reader of independent media, you’d be hard pressed NOT to hear the word ASCENSION come up. Everyone’s talking about it. The Zombie Apocalypse just might be a manufactured distraction from our ASCENSION experience. Sure, maybe people are becoming zombie-fied due to vaccine-induced brain-injury and over-medication. I know from first-hand experience, just how sick prescription meds and vaccines make us. I’m sure “they” know too! But, that is only one possible reality to buy.

What Does Ascension Actually Mean?

So, what the heck are people talking about when they say that we are ascending? When and How is it happening? Are you going through it? Am I? What’s it like?

The recovering Catholic girl in me keeps reeling over the words we were made to REPEAT in Church EVERY Sunday. Regarding Jesus– “He Ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.” Not Catholic? Well, I’m saying that this word’s always been a part of my vocabulary. It came in forced, repetitive ways. But, it did leave the HOPE, that when Jesus went to “Heaven,” he went with his whole body. At the very least, ASCENSION means crossing dimensions into one of higher consciousness, and bringing your whole self with you.

Crossing Into A New Reality

There’s no more Catholic junk in my closet confessional. I’ve dropped what didn’t work, and embraced the beauty. It’s been easy because I’ve been guided. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m just a normal, regular girl. I’ve had an exceptional existence that I’ve done everything to hide until a few years ago –for fear that people wouldn’t understand. And, it’s caused me a lot of weirdness. To say the least. I spend my days helping people wake up to their own exceptional amazingness, and each day I learn more through teaching.

Now there is a coming together of energies and information that has been with me for ages. Even, perhaps since before I incarnated. I “download” so much each day, and the more I discover, the less I cling to old notions of truth. There is this huge space available to us that we can fill with whatever we want to know, and it’s gone untapped by most since, well — forever.

For my entire life, I’ve had visions and received messages from the spirits Jesus, St. Claire, St. Francis and many others. Many others, who I was only recently able to identify. And, wouldn’t you know, they are all helpers in the ascension process! These confirm FOR ME, that there are indeed other dimensions, and I’ve been getting instructions on how to reach them for the passed 7 years. Messages come in dreams and in waking life. And, for me, they result in measurable physical changes and validated proof.

I know how to step aside and allow spirit to talk through me. St. Claire is one of the guides who came through to me in the beginning to help bring me this message: we are going through an integration period where we are becoming closer to ONENESS. This includes picking up the pieces of ourselves from other timelines where we left sour bits of pain. If we are going to ascend, we’ve got to be clean and clear. Many of us are going through a painful “letting go” process which requires us to literally cut off lower energies and physical attachments to fake things like money (in the sense where money represents lower energies). We must, in a sense become weightless. And, when we misuse the energy in our lower chakras (from tailbone to ribcage) we get held down. That’s to say, when we focus on fear and anger –we perpetuate this sort of anti-ascension energy.

Is Ascension Happening to You Too?

Many people are experiencing kidney and adrenal fatigue and deep liver cleanses from a release of fear, worry and anger. I’m seeing this with my clients too. This is good. Many of us were taught to deny these feelings. Now, they’re surfacing and being dealt with everywhere.

St. Claire assures me that there is plenty of time for this ascension/integration process because time doesn’t actually exist in the way we measure it. It’s more like we create our own time lines based on how long we need. We live in self-created realities.
Last year, in Chicago, I experienced, for the first time –the opportunity to get stuck in a false timeline. See, we are all guided and we all have contracts with our higher selves (God, Goddess). Yet, free-will is a REAL thing. Free-will has been responsible for wars, debt, and elite energy manipulation. But, through our own free-will, many of us have found our way back to the source energy and our purpose here. Since we are all connected, this is enough! I’m perpetually reminded how happy “they” are for the job we’ve done.

I am assured that we are here to experience joy and USE the planet’s resources for joy. Opening our lower chakras to connect to Earth’s vibration is not only healing for us, but it’s healing for the planet. The deeper within the Earth that we can connect, the higher in consciousness beyond our planet we can go. This whole idea of ascension forces me to view our planet as a living, breathing, conscious being — and all us living beings within, as her cells. This entire experience can be more ecstatic than anything else you’ve ever felt.

I’ve had some rapid personal shifts toward ascension that sparked this post. My mind and body are changing, and there’s an entirely new level of clarity and even quality and accuracy in my own energy work as I embrace what is.

What is Changing For You?

In early May of 2012, I moved into a tiny cottage in Mexico and had my first official UFO experience.

Rewind to three loooooong weeks ago. I was enjoying my second sleep in my cute Mexican Faery Cottage, in a town whose name “Sayulita” had been ringing in my ears since Cabo San Lucas (where we lived in February). Sayulita is in an energy vortex. I didn’t know that. Many people see UFOs here. I didn’t know that. And, when I was suddenly whipped out of dreamland with an awful nauseated, headachey, whole body-ache that mirrored child-birth on the pain richter-scale, aliens were the last thing on my mind.

So, I made my way to the bathroom, where you figure you’re supposed to go when you’re sick. And I sat on the floor. When I looked up, 4 very tall women draped in white appeared. They were glowing! I recognized them from a dream I had after my Reiki Master Teacher Attunement, where a group of them gathered around a table with me and told me that they were always going to support me. They shared symbols and language that I hadn’t seen or heard before. I’d also seen one in a vision last year where she showed me a crystal globe with a pyramid inside. Were they my guides? Was I dying? Visions don’t usually come accompanied by the worst pain of my life!

Of course I shouted for Doug. This was weird. They disappeared, but the sickness did not. I felt they were physically weakening me. My tired husband gave me Reiki which really took the edge off, and after staying up with me for 2 hours, he knocked back out.
I finally had enough mental strength to ask– “what is happening to me and why, and what do I need to do to feel better?” If only I had asked sooner!

I was immediately shown a cylindrical silvery aircraft that most of us would call a flying saucer. I saw a freaken flying saucer! It was shown to me as if through a television screen in the air because its actual location was down the road from me. Then, it felt like eons of information simply became one with me. I understood that the energy coming down from disk was making me sick. And, in an instant– I raised my hands up to match its energy with the pulses coming from me, and my pain was gone. Completely gone after all that. And the ship zoomed away.

The next morning, I gave an amazing past-life reading for a client. Yes, this is something I normally do, but the clarity had immensely improved.

2 days later, I met a woman who had a similar experience that night. We ate breakfast together, and I was able to see (through intuitively reading her), that the people I saw are our ancestors. What came to me as I read my new friend was that there are helping ancestors who have a deep physical connection to the earth. They left us clues here about who we are, and they are here to help us in both physical and spiritual ways. There was an unmistakable connection to coral and bone. They literally showed me coral and a human skeleton. Soon, my new friend confessed to me that she knew it was the ancestors, and had been given validation through another local friend who has contact with them and their ships. She told me that we call them the Pleiadeans. Wow!

Sure, I’d read about the Pleiadean star system and how the pyramids from Belize to Egypt were built in alignment with them. I’d read that the builders of the pyramids had “extraterrestrial” help. I’ve woken from dreams and co-dreamt with Doug and Dougie where we are speaking another language that has only been identified to me as “ancient.” We’ve often woken up from these dreams knowing we were conversing with each other.

My experience with the Pleiadeans came at an interesting astrological period where for the first time in a very long time, our Earth, sun and moon lined up with the central sun and the Pleiadean Star system. I don’t know enough about astrology to speak to it directly, but I can say that after the eclipse, I was gifted even more insight about ascension.

What is Finally Coming Together for You?

As a kid, I wanted so badly to be like one of those children who got to see the Virgin Mary at Fatima. I prayed for it. I even made myself create a memory of it, so that I could dream about it. The anniversary of that happening was on May 13. And, Doug and I were talking about it all, when we switched on some consciousness radio show that spilled the beans on so much information about Fatima that wasn’t shared. Information having to do with goddess energy, the Pleiades, and even the thought (and some proof) that those 3 children actually saw a Pleiadean guide. She shared with them what had also been shared with the Mayans and others who built pyramids as energy centers to communicate with our “ancestors'” (I’m not going to get into how the Catholic church poops on truth for their own agenda here. But there are many amazing books that shed some light. I just finished reading “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” which makes a great case for what really happened and puts all of the symbolism and archetypes into a neat package that makes sense).

I was blown away by the obvious connections to my own current experiences. Had my dreams really come true? Had the visions I was having, been of the same energy known as the Virgin Mary? Well, they certainly look like how others depict Mary. It gets MUCH BETTER.

A few days later, on the way home from a walk, I began to feel the sensation in my body that I get when it’s time to “listen” to spirit. Doug and I got back to our place as soon as possible, and prepped to record what was about to come through.

St. Claire, who really has one of the most melodic voices I’ve ever heard –came through to tell Doug and I that we have done just as we are supposed to. We have come from them, who we call the Pleiadeans, and we were educated together in a time before times. During this intense integration period, we will discover that there is no separation, no real freedom from our guides. They only come through as much as we allow, yet, once we allow–we understand that they are as much us as we are them. There is no Gina or Doug. Not without our guides, each other, and all of you. This is what’s hard for all of those trying to break free of something. What we need to break free from is anything that separates us from the collective consciousness.

That night, messages came through from Angels, Faeries, Saints and friends and relatives. Whenever I have such a strong session like this, they like to send me proof and relatives. I saw Doug’s grandfather and learned that he loved peanut butter and doughnuts. I saw my grandfather and his parents and brother. I saw my aunt and my friend. I was shown more about the source of myself.

I also experienced (astrally) being rolled down a hospital hallway on a gurney after having had a heart attack due to drugs I took in a crazy and short lifetime in the 60s. I saw that ME becoming one with ME. I felt forgiveness and understanding for pain and illness in my body that was unexplainable until that moment.

After “integrating” I was told that there would be some real changes. But, I wasn’t prepared for what those changes were. For days after, I searched for other reasons why the things that changed, changed. But, I cannot find them. Details have changed. Like real details that I remember to be true– such as how many children a friend has, or what color my shirt was in a picture. Real Stuff like that. This is not a case of people lying to me about details or me remembering incorrectly. Real things have changed for me, and the only way I can explain it is to go back to the stories above.

Would ascension cause this?

Luckily, I have a few supportive friends, and I live with my BEST FRIEND who shares lots of this with me. New messages come through each day, and they have everything to do with moving into a greater awareness of all of this power within us. Stuff that used to be called miracles because we were sleeping so deeply.

In my own way, I am being schooled by these guides. They are helping me focus my thoughts ONLY on what I want, because my thoughts do manifest into reality quite quickly. I’m reminded that when we ascend, there will be less space between thought and manifestation.

Maybe I’m ascending. I know something deep is changing for the good, and ascension seems to be a supported possibility in the AWAKENING community.

Do you feel it too? How are you experiencing it?

How Do You See it Playing Out?

Some say that we entered the Golden Age a long time ago, and that many of us have been choosing to ascend for a while. This would further explain free-will, and our choices to buy into timelines that work for us. The year 2012 marked a significant shift in Mayan and other ancient calendars as well as galactic transformations that all speak to a possibility of us and our planet moving into higher Beingness.

So, If you really do feel kind of like Neo, getting unplugged in the Matrix, this might be a reason. And, the very best thing I can suggest is for you to keep your mind focused on those love vibrations. They go a long way. I’ve read reports from those who practice remote viewing who say that 2012 looks different for different people. Some see apocalypses. Some see nothing. Could this mean that we are finally in a time where we really do have more control over creating our reality?

Some believe that one of the secrets shared at Fatima was about end times, and how a massive black hole in space was going to align with our sun for 70+ hours, and create massive climate and terrain changes (as you can imagine). Some say that massive black hole is actually the planet that originally collided with another planet to create Earth. The people from this planet are our ancestors of sorts, because they eventually sent people here who gave “birth” to us. I think that regardless of the details, 2012 represents an unveiling. But that’s just it. It’s as you can imagine. Everything that seems real can change once your perception changes. And, I’ve found that the truths I once feared became obsolete once i really embraced them.

You make your future.

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17 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms: Is this Spiritual Awakening Happening to You?

    • Thanka for your comment. Yes, it was very fishy to me that I would get sick. But, as soon as I connected what was happening I stopped it. A friend told me that the UFOs around Nevada did something similar to her…. She could see them above her and she became unable to walk…. Just very weak. For me, it felt like radiation. Have your every experienced that?

      I have always believed in faeries, and saw them, but I my just now have had one come through me to give message was one of the inner child and really just to have fun. She mentioned other personal thing about the idea of enjoying life and having fun was key. She also mentioned that tingling in the third eye that comes from Faery energy.

      Great stuff. Thanks so much for reading nd sharing!


  • Gina your article is not only enlightening but very interesting. I shared several of your insights on my page. Three things: I am right with you on the liver cleansing and kidney cleansing. I was in meditation about a month and a half ago with my body and I was shown my issues – fatty liver, weak heart vessels. My body told me what I needed to change in my diet to heal all of that. It was incredible. I am still detoxifying.

    Two: Loved this part…”Opening our lower chakras to connect to Earth’s vibration is not only healing for us, but it’s healing for the planet. The deeper within the Earth that we can connect, the higher in consciousness beyond our planet we can go. ” I just experienced that TODAY! Yesterday I discovered I had a short in my grounding cord and I couldn’t make a stable connection to Earth. Plus, I didn’t know where I was supposed to Earth myself. Each of us is aligned with a group of Elemental energies that stabilize us. Though my grounding cord remembered the fairies, in this life time I am supposed to go Elf. Elves create products, like in Santa’s workshop, and assist you in getting those products out to market. Fairies do not do so in such a physical way.

    Three: The UFO experience. I have been exposed to ET energy all of my life. But in this timeline, I had to be redirected again to the soul group I needed for ascension. I am not a fan per se of how the “guides” download information for you that makes you ill. I am very glad you stopped that. I have seen in clients how some of these “guides” accelerate your timeline and brings your gifts to fruition before your ready. It’s a very controlling practice they use – akin to condescension. It’s very rude and disrespectful. I know that in this lifetime, my ascended master is Jesus, while in others they were ET guides. So your story just resonated with me so clearly.

    As a Catholic girl myself, newly “born”, I also don’t fit into the established traditions of the Church. But there is no greater power than assistance from the saints through those Novenas and prayers, nor the power of the Rosary. The Rosary is connected to the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which is connected to the astrology of the planets, which is connected to the Major Arcana archetypes of the Tarot. Praying the Rosary opens the vibrational doors to healing and ascending. If only the Church would teach the power of the Rosary and integrate spirituality into their teachings, they would have a huge impact on the world, instead of being blamed for dogma.

    Loved your post! Keep sharing the news. And remember that no species, no matter how closely related in ancestry they are or say they are, has the permission to transmit information to you without your permission. Revelations should NEVER make you ill. That was an abusive practice and work to deny them power over you. I speak from personal experience.

    Hugs to you and your family!

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  • If you could do something you never did before would you? I mean writing about What the
    Heck is Ascension and is it Happening to Me? | B l i s s e d L i
    f e is good but is it a safe subject considering your page
    is about clairvoyant online? All things considered it is a great position however I bet
    you could try branching into other subjects like card psychic reading for example.
    Just an idea… I pray you don’t mind me expressing that.

    • Sure. I just write what I am called to write. to me, the ascension thing wasn’t very safe. I wish I could’ve expressed even more on the topic, really. But, that’s why I write…. To get those things out. I do do card readings and intuitive readings without cards. I’ve written about this too. I’ll think about it and if it comes to me I will write more on it. Much love and very happy solstice to you.

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