Ascending? What Happens When You Ascend or Don’t Ascend?


This post was written in 2012, and still rings true today.

UPDATE 2014: We continue to experience proof of our ascension, raising awareness of our amazing power as human beings through literally instantly manifesting our needs and desires, witnessing MIRACLES And healing on a grander scale and a profound upgrade of our psychic and extra sensory senses.  Channelings from other dimensions, psychic work, meditation and research leads us to feel that we are all ascending and that we will ascend as one. Those who are feeling like they are not fully shifting,

will remain in that frequency and continue in the 3D Reality until they can ascend. In other words, ascension is inevitable. As we move up in consciousness, so do you. Those who remain stuck will use their stuckness to play out the necessary roles and rehabilitate their soul so that they can ascend. You can help your friends and family by becoming aware of your true power. Remembering where you came from is key. Please let us know if you have questions or need help. I still feel the video below shares some potent energy and info to help, although I suggest that you find your truth by looking deeper within yourself.  I talk about the Pleideans in this piece. I have now come to know many groups of benevolent beings, some who you might call extraterrestrial or angelic.  Read on and enjoy! 

About five years ago, Doug and I were walking down a busy Chicago street chatting up our usual back and forth jokes– when we somehow figured out that we both had a similar dream the previous night. It wasn’t doomy gloomy end of the world stuff, but it was a chaotic glimpse at a Change of World. We were both given the message that things were changing drastically and we were going to lose many people who are dear to us. Both of us had the same understanding that this change was for the good.

Much of this dream has come to pass already. We’ve found a dividing line between ourselves and many of the people who were once close to us. Sometimes that line meant physical death. Other times it was simply about needing to let go of something that was karmically over. And of course, we can see the awakening vs. elite power grapple happening on a grand scale all over the planet. Truly our life experiences are a mere microcosm of what’s happening across the planet and even in the galaxy.

We liken that dividing line to a force that keeps us on track to higher consciousness. Or ascension.

Now, we are on the fast track to ascension… Or whatever you call this CHANGE. Our renewed ability to transform that which doesn’t serve us is crazy amazing. Last week, I wrote a piece called “Are You Ascending?” just to express some of the magical channeled messages, manifestation experiences and spirit visits that have occurred for me while living in an energy vortex in Mexico. It’s as if we have become exponentially awakened to other dimensions. With each dream, meditation, or astral travel, we become a bajillion times more aware and ABLE to use and understand the vibrational universe.

Some of my recent channeling experiences came from this group of people who we call the Pleiadians. My psychic experiences are interesting as they simply come naturally, and I learn from them as I go. So, I have far less book knowledge about this of beings than many others out there…. Yet, they showed themselves to me. They are believed, by many, to be one of our ancestor groups, and the (or one of the) chosen group(s) to lead us through this ascension journey.

After seeing them appear in my apartment, I began to ask around about who they might be. While it turns out that my neighbors were quite sure ( because these sightings are very common in that neck of the woods)– the Beings themselves simply told me they are “those who you refer to as the Pleiadians.” They seem to have been simply confirming my interpretation of them in order to move on to more important things, and less concerned with my accuracy in defining them. So, for all I know they were angels. The point is that they were very high vibrational light beings who were there to help me.

Once I get a juicy tidbit of info like this, I go wild with the meditations, the book -study and the research to find and feel all that I can! What I have discovered is that there have been many E.T. interventions in human development. We’re a rather young planet civilization that has been manufactured and influenced by various guides, beings, helpful ancestors and sure — perhaps those with agendas that don’t exactly serve us. But, free-will seems to keep coming up as a constant factor. A gift that we have,  should we really choose to use it for all of it’s goodness.

I’m feeling that this period of Ascension is for we humans (or should I say Earth People) to come into our own power. We’ve been under a veil during a “consciousness training period” that hasn’t allowed us to easily activate our psychic senses.

What do you think? Are we ascending? Are you? Do you feel more aware and connected to something so pure and real that you can’t doubt its authenticity regardless of how different it is?

I found this video especially interesting because after my Pleiadian channeling experience, I dreamed that 2 very tall white beings were helping me manifest my desires. They were patient with me as I focused on what I love. They flooded me with information about what occurs in between the lines of thought and manifestation.

This video talks a bit about how we are guided by Pleiadian beings and how it’s very important to stay focused on what we really want. I would add that we must also ALLOW those rewarding vibrations to enter our lives after we’ve focused on them.

I also LOVE how the vid inspires us to take control of our money and decisions by stopping paying those entities which thrive by holding us down. This can be a challenge for many of us. Each and every time you spend a dollar on something that harms your body or harms our planet, there is the potential to lead you away from consciousness. I say “potential” because there are so many other things to consider, and to be honest — every step your’re taking is leading you toward higher consciousness, but you get to decide how fun that journey will be for you.

I take control of my money by using it for good — for healing foods, for education, for supporting conscious business and helping organizations that promote green living, earth-healing, awareness of our collective power and purpose, and of course– to make people happy. Money has the power to buy you things that  make you happy and help encourage consciousness. But it is still of a lower vibration. We won’t always need it. It is time to transmute that which we see in the shadows, to see its value and to raise it up. For now, money is in our reality and we are forced to work on it together. I heard a Mayan Elder say that we will know if we have ascended if we wake up not needing money. (Of course, money isn’t the ONLY means of “buying” these things… But it is one energy you can take control of now).

Doug and I did some healing work on our bills and money… really we have been doing so for years, and have been able to drop many bills –and even be released from unjust payments. There is universal support for you if you choose to do this.

I did a Reiki Healing Attunement on all of my bills and credit report in 2011 and surprisingly, my credit was wiped clean. All i did was energy work on it.

Reiki Healing Attunements: 

A Reiki Healing Attunement is an energetic quantum leap to your best self. Healing attunements help you remove blocks (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) so that you can see your path much clearer. This is great if you have a specific problem that you feel is blocking your growth. Healing attunements can also be used to kick-start a specific goal, or release undesirable life patterns. The Reiki energy connects directly with your higher self during a healing attunement.

So, what happens when we do or don’t ascend? Check this out, and tell me what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Ascending? What Happens When You Ascend or Don’t Ascend?

  • I’ve been reading a larger number of articles about the shift recently, and watched afew videos including the one posted here. Alot of suggestions have been made in what I have watched and read, anything from meditation, to deitary changes, to life style changes that don’t resonate with me in the least, to suggestions that do resonate so strongly with me now have no excuse not to pursue them, like getting more in touch with your creative passions and taking time to learn more about the shift taking place, and in general doing some kind of clearing work, and raising one’s vibrational rate by any means approprate for me personally. I don’t know where I stand in terms of the ascesion process but I do know that if what is in that video is even half true then I’ve got alot to look forward to.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is Defintely huge to digest. And, I don’t vibrate with all of it. But, I do find it inspiring. And I do know that’s if you begin simply by making choices to do what makes your heart happy, that whatever else you need to do will follow. It’s pretty amazing! Enjoy! Gina

  • So, since i only just started to wake up about 3 or 4 days ago, and im just beginning my journey. Does this mean I’m too late to ascend to the fifth dimension? Is my soul going to be left behind? I really want to ascend.

    • Hey! 🙂 No one is left behind. We are moving up together and each playing our roles to help ourselves and one another. PLUS… it is not up to me or any other being on earth to tell you if you are ascending. What are you waking up to?

      from the article: “Those who are feeling like they are not fully shifting, will remain in that frequency and continue in the 3D Reality until they can ascend. In other words, ascension is inevitable. As we move up in consciousness, so do you. Those who remain stuck will use their stuckness to play out the necessary roles and rehabilitate their soul so that they can ascend. You can help your friends and family by becoming aware of your true power. Remembering where you came from is key. Please let us know if you have questions or need help”

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