Today’s Ultimate Truth


Everyday I feel like I am getting closer to some sort of ultimate truth about who I am and what I am doing here. I have had a lot of eye-opening and miraculous experiences over the last few years. Experiences that were too insightful and intriguing to turn my back on. My life has taken so many turns that sometimes it’s difficult to accept where I am now in it. I love my life now more than I ever have in the past. It is the type of life and awakening that I hope for everyone, but I realize that plenty of people would not see it as I do. It is my path. My journey. My truth.

I used to be so caught up in materials. Wondering what new toy I could acquire next. Trying to outdo my neighbor. It turned out to be all for nothing. I learned that my gains were only holding me down. When I finally learned about source energy and how we are all energetic beings, I started to realize how silly I had been. How silly the whole system is. We are meant for so much more than we are giving ourselves credit for. So many get caught up in the rat race of business that we forget to take time to work on ourselves. To enlighten our minds. To feel the power that innately courses through our bodies.

We are all so awesome! So full of energy that needs to be released. I live day by day trying to understand what the next step will be that will bring me to some full understanding of the answer. The answer to the question that is behind us all when we are trying to sleep at night… Why are we here? The best and most reasonable explanation to our existence to me is that we are meant to enjoy ourselves. To break through our fears and seek the answers that our souls thrive for. It is in our nature to learn and grow.

So, this is me sprinkling some energy packed, highly nutritious water on that pineal gland of yours. Enjoy yourselves and never stop wondering. To hold onto an idea and conform to its teachings is to put your brain in a prison and throw away the key. Live your life to its fullest.

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