Laura Bruno Shares Thoughts on the Supposedly “Imminent Food Crisis”


My friend and Reiki Master Teacher Laura Bruno helps keep my many selves aligned these days with blog posts that offer logical, scientific, fifth-dimensional, spiritual and abundantly conscious tips for enjoying this life at this time.

If you’ve experienced the false-flag scare tactics of the elite-energied big gov (and can recognize what you are being offered there), you know you have the option to surrender your gifts and go home crying. But, there’s something so magically delicious about living in a time when the TRUTH comes to LIGHT more each day,

This post from Laura Bruno talks about the potential opportunity for our own growth and health that comes from losing GM crops to drought. I have to share because I got so excited to hear that we could be losing all of this poisonous corn. I literally felt my vibration raise as the news came to me. I couldn’t help but smile.

But, certainly these crops are now a part of our food system, and there is a potential for some adjustment and pain to come to those of us who buy into the food system.

Hopefully, this post will help put to ease your logical side who wants to know what tangible things you can do to ensure your health and safety.

Thanks Laura xooxo

Laura Bruno's Blog

There’s been a fair amount of talk regarding the Midwest drought, loss of corn crops and the effect that will likely have on future food prices. Although much of that corn is GMO, to which I say, “good riddance,” I do realize that GM corn and soy feed much of the factory farmed animals and fill up a large portion of all the fake “foods,” shelf stable or frozen items, as well as that ever present staple, High Fructose Corn Syrup — which the Corn Refiners Industry would love to rename “corn sugar.” Again, I just can’t force myself to view these reduced corn crops as a tragedy.

Food prices will likely rise, but not for the things I typically eat. Perhaps the higher cost of prepackaged and fast foods will encourage people to source their foods fresher, more locally, and more diversely — ultimately improving their health! Just for…

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