How to Choose Your Reality in 5 Easy Steps

Ever get stuck at a spiritual fork in the road wondering which way to go? Well, for me, the truth is that all of my options usually promise something I desire, and they are all possible realities. As I imagine myself taking one option, I create that reality.

When we are given choices, we begin creating multiple realities for ourselves. I don’t believe the Universe particularly cares which road we choose. The exercise of choice is more about us using our power to co-create with Source. We will ultimately experience the lessons that we need to along the way.

Reality is as Reality does my friends. And, there are limitless possibilities. 2012 is really a time for integrating all of the parts of ourselves (and collective self) that we have left dangling over in various realities. It’s time to call ourselves into the reality that suits our souls best. To be WHOLE in the moment. We are the co-creators. When you do this, it is quite possible to not have to face that which doesn’t serve you, and to soar through stages of discontent in a flash. It really all begins now. With how you act today and how you make your individual choices. Your reality is a series of choices.

So, the next time you’ve got an important decision to make, dig these tips.

How to Choose Your Own Reality in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Recognize that You Already Are: Become aware of moments when “things happen”– particularly things that you spent energy focussing on. Often, easy examples come from those times we worried so much about something, and then it eventually happened. Of course, this is also true of those times when your whole being longed to be somewhere or with someone, and it seemed to manifest in a flash. The science of how thought (wave energy, creative force) becomes reality (in the physical/ receptive form) validates what spiritual teachers have known since the beginning of time. We are energy. Therefore, working with it and transmuting it is innate in us. The more you awaken to this, the stronger you can consciously influence your life. Experiment with this by creating a vision board.

Step 2

Raise Your Heart Vibration: If you think your thoughts are important, wait until you FEEL what your heart can do. Our thoughts vibrate much lower than our hearts. In fact, Heart Math says that our heart vibes are at least 500 times stronger than our thoughts. Feelings of gratitude, love, joy and satisfaction raise the frequency of your vibration and have the power to transform your reality. If you can raise your vibration and live from your heart, you can consciously influence your own joy! Have you tried a gratitude journal yet? Check out our Gratitude Journal Experiment!

Step 3

Suspend Your Disbelief: Tell yourself yes where there was once doubt. Everything that you can imagine exists on a plane of reality. Saying “Yes” brings you closer to that stuff you really want.This might even mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and finding the “yes” in a moment of pain. For example, you can try finding the satisfaction in being able to cry, instead of resisting what makes you sad. I LOVE how this step helps my Psychic Skool students really begin to OWN their own intuitive magic. See, we actually do know how to get what we want. We have just been pre-programmed to think we don’t.

Step 4

Suspend Your Beliefs: This is a tricky one. But, do it anyway. Let go of what you were taught and what other people call the truth. Let it go and know that you are opening space to investigate what the truth means for you. And, don’t feel compelled to create new beliefs in your mind, but, rather to create new feelings in your heart that train you how it feels to make the “right decision” for your soul’s ultimate BLISS. When new wisdom or information is shared with you, be open to what it means in your heart despite what your previous education has stored in your mind. You know that when settlers came over to the US from Europe, it is said that the Natives did not see the ships. This is simply because they had never seen ships before. Imagine what you can see when your eyes are truly OPEN.

Step 5

Now, you are open and aware. Go with what sparks the most joy in your heart, and understand that you have creative control over what “happens” in your life. Our souls long for exciting experiences. So, the more you fulfill that, the more you are led to the unique moments that make you the happiest. If you have a choice between Blueberries and Raspberries, for example– choose the one that makes your mouth water more. You know this already. But, your body and heart also knows what is best for you when you have a more complex decision to make. Your body gives you signals. Notice those signals, and you will intuitively discover the best choice for you. And remember — there are no wrong decisions.

Wash, rinse, Share This with Your Friends, and repeat because this is fun!

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