Start Feeling Great Immediately! New Chicago Class

Become Your Own Best Health Expert

Join us for Bliss Alchemy 2012

We designed Bliss Alchemy to help you feel amazing as soon as you enter the room! And it all just gets better from there.

YOU’VE got a lot of creative healing power stored in your body, and we want to show you how to release it and use it to

  • Look and Feel HEALTHY Now
  • Save Money
  • Help your friends and Family
  • Become THE LEADING HEALTH AUTHORITY in your life

Sunday September 2

11 am-6 pm

Buffalo Grove, IL (just minutes from I90/I94)

This class is being held at a private residence. Address will be given upon registration

Please Email and pay the fee to register

Bliss Alchemy shares  simple secrets to natural wellness as old as the Ancient Mystery Schools to our modern moment’s scientific and spiritual advances. You’re going to discover your ultimate potential as an energy being. And, believe us– you’re going to have a blast while filling in the blanks to what’s been missing your whole life. Our classes are always full of music, movement and dreams coming true.

We’ve taken this class to the EXTREME! Join us for Psychic Skool… 🙂

Discover for YOURSELF:

  • What is Alchemy?
  • What is Sacred Geometry?
  • What messages are hidden within Myth and Archetypes that we can uncover for our own THRIVING?


  • REVAMP Your Medicine Cabinet with Inexpensive, Easy-to-Make Natural Products
  • Learn Self-Diagnosis
  • Practice Vibrational Healing Techniques
  • Make Your Own Medicine
  • And, Get Gina’s E-Book. “Are You Eating Your Bugs?” Included

Together, we will tap into herbs, foods, superfoods, tinctures, tonics, teas, hands-on healing, and using vibration to manifest outcomes that better suit your Blissed Life!

YOU will leave with tons of practical and easy to incorporate wisdom and tools that will alter your perception on life and health.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Gina and Doug

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