How Do You Meditate?


How do You Meditate?

How do you get yourself in the mindset to connect deeper? Did you ever think that this process is different for everyone?

I used to spend so much time thinking and talking with others about my meditations. The way that I was practicing them. What I was hearing from Source. And, of course, I thought plenty on how long I was staying in meditation.

I thought about all of the things that I have learned from those meditative “masters” I knew who had a healthy regimen. I thought about people telling me that I needed to sit in silence for an hour and not let my mind wander.

“It gets easier the more you do it,” I kept hearing.

Problem is that often times I found it hard to take an hour out of my day to just sit. I have a highly analytical and quest-driven mind. I like obstacles. How do I follow all of these meditation guidelines and still get my meditative rewards?

I was looking for answers and guidance from Source, the infinite, universal nature. I had already been receiving insights all my life and I knew there was more to be achieved through meditation.

“Relax. Stay relaxed, ” I simply kept telling myself to enjoy the process. It’s my core belief, and I wasn’t doing it with the one practice that I craved so deeply. I smiled at myself and my silliness, as I came up with a new form of meditation that made sense for me and my day.

I started focusing on my joy response and went from there. The thing that I can recall that connects all of my miraculously received messages is my attitude at the time of receiving them. I was in the light of acceptance. I was seeking the guidance on my own terms, with my own beliefs.

This is What I Do

I calm my mind and think of one of the many beautiful places that I have been.

Sometimes I think of my son or wife or just a great memory. Then I color the picture as perfect as I can in my mind. Make it vivid. I taste and smell the memory. Then when it’s clear and I am enjoying the moment and completely in the memory, I focus in on the feeling that I received from this recollection.

The Joy Response

From here I can allow my mind to wander and ask for messages to come. I will do this on walks (be careful), during yoga (much easier), or any time when I have a minute to relax. At a bare minimum, the joy response is worth creating inside yourself. Just stop and try it now, by focussing on something that makes you smile. It’s relaxing, and that is what it’s all about. That’s how you begin to get your mind in the right frame for Real Meditation.

Have Fun

I don’t believe that there is one way for all of us. What works for me might not work for you, but it might get you started on discovering your own methods. I genuinely feel that we all have these abilities, but the way that we learn to explore them will be different.

I like keeping an open and accepting mind. You never know when you will learn something new and need to change a part of your life to become more of the true you. We are amazing creators, so create what you want in life.

Talk to me. Share what you are doing.

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