Letting Go of The Past: What Patterns are Holding You Down?


The Scorpio New Moon inspires us to dig up that which doesn’t serve it and allow for its infinite transmutation into LIGHTNESS.

My life is a whole bunch of miraculous events that shake my foundation and sculpt my reality, and these insights always bring me back to my core belief… We need to connect to our true nature in order to be complete. We are designed to be so much healthier than we are. Your body a magical machine, but so many of society’s normal and highly advertised products are meant to hold your body in a sick pattern and inhibit you from reaching your true potential.

There are foods that clog your insides and create pineal gland calcification. In fact, most foods that the public eats are designed to keep us docile and infertile.

With a clean system, your body can function at higher levels, giving you elevated psychic and energetic strength

Shoes with arch support create and environment where your feet get locked in place and never strengthen like they should. Why do you think that we have such high rates of shin splints, bad knees, arch distortion, bad backs, and the list goes on?

Lets also not forget that we are not even connecting to the Earth anymore, which is naturally antioxidant and inflammatory for your body.

Walk barefoot and sync into the healing power of the Earth

Our planet has its own electromagnetic field that flows through the whole planet. This means that if you were standing in Chicago with your bare feet on the ground and another person in Tokyo had his bare feet on the ground, you would both be connected to that same energy source. Not both feeding from the current, but both a part of it sharing the collective. We are made for the planet, but society is trying to tell us that we aren’t.

The media and elite agenda doesn’t want a bunch of clear minded, healthy beings walking the planet. None of us would listen to their dribble if we were awake. I am not as much of a conspiracy theorist as I am an observant person. I see doctors selling pills, getting paid on both ends, and I see the public staying sick. Holding their patterns as they await the next round of vaccines. It’s all so that people can get sicker and sicker, and pay more and more. I have observed this nature in just about every industry where big business is done.

A person will fight to keep their parasite. They will surrender their unhealthy cravings for dominance over their psyche. They will do anything to keep their parasite at bay so that they don’t have to be bothered with fixing a problem. This type of living is an allusion. To make a new year’s resolution to stop eating fast food instead of just learning what fast food is made out of and deciding to be a conscious eater IS NOT CURING your problem.


Address the real problem or else another evil will take the place of the first parasitic motive

Look at your day in its entirety. What did you do today, yesterday, last week, month or year? What are your patterns and where are you being held down? I took a lot of time with this question.

I had a very typical lifestyle before my son got sick. I was money and power-driven as I amassed wealth and toys. It was an easy life, where I ignored my body and true natural purpose. I would eat what was delivered for lunch and take a pill when the aches and pains showed up. I had crutches for every aspect of my life that wasn’t perfect.

I couldn’t see five feet beyond my own objectives. It took catastrophe which turned into amazing experiences to change my perspective and get me to view my world all over again. I began getting rid of everything that didn’t serve me. I only do the things that feel right for me now. I live by the example that I want to see projected all around me in my life.

I say do anything that feels right to you, but be smart. If you are doing things that hold you down, then change them if you feel like taking on some liberty. You are a natural being, here to live your life for you. You are not a puppet for the politicians, pharmaceutical companies, banks or big agriculture.

As I have said a million times over… enjoy your life.

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Image Credit:http://wellnessuncovered.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2221%3Athe-healing-benefits-of-walking-barefoot&catid=1%3Alatest-news&Itemid=50

2 thoughts on “Letting Go of The Past: What Patterns are Holding You Down?

  • Very well said Doug. Loved every word you wrote. We are not puppets but instead here to live our life in a healthy and most natural way possible. I didn’t always know this but I do now and have been making as many changes as possible. I have a son who was diagnosed with autism 19+ years ago and it’s taken me a while listen to what I knew was right for him and for us. We are doing it now. Thank you. Very inspiring.

    • I completely understand and I wish you all the positivity that we have seen in our journeys. Light and love, Doug

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