Manifestation Meditation: Get Back to Your Vortex

Are You in the Vortex?

Do you know what it feels like to need something so absolutely, that there’s no doubt you’ll get it? And, it shows up in your life almost instantaneously? Then, it begins to unravel in a way that constantly gives you what you need? Maybe you felt like you didn’t even have time to ask for this “thing.” You simply felt it. You vibrated with it and it was there. Well, my Love, that’s the vortex I’m talking about.

How do You Get into the Vortex?

Are you in it with Love? With your career? With friends? When do you feel out of it?

For me, I whiplash myself out of the vortex when I start T-R-Y-I-N-G for things. Trying and working and stirring up so much energy. What really happens when we “try” versus when we simply go with the flow, and how does a passionate person find balance and not feel “lazy?” Lots of loaded questions, I know – and ones that I’ve been breaking through this past month.

I’ve recently felt more deeply the true one-sided nature of my trying. A dear friend mentioned that the Universe loves us TRYERS. Trying and working generates ideas and gets stuff going.  Just remember that every action here in our dimension has a reaction. So, who will be on the receiving end of your work? Who or what will benefit? When I am TRYING TRYING TRYING, it’s as if I’m running running running against the current.

Have you ever struggled to please someone only to have them blame you for the opposite of what you intended? Have you ever struggled to do a job that didn’t feel like your soul-work only to be let go or unpaid? These are places I’ve recognized my own trying.

I can’t fully receive the fruits of my labor when I’m not in the flow. My trying energy continues to push forward. I literally push away my reward. I wouldn’t say this was so if I hadn’t been so profoundly experiencing it throughout my life.  And, more recently I made a conscious decision to more seriously manifest what I need to be in that BLISS vortex. But how would I do it?

Part of me knows so deeply what the vortex feels like (and, it’s flippin amazing!), that I’ve taken unconscious (or conscious?) pit-stops outside of it.  Just to check things out. You know… for fun! Sometimes it didn’t feel like fun. But, I’ve been pre-programmed for hard work and hard lessons.  I’m at a point right now where I need to move forward.

Yet, I’m so in the vortex. I’m in it every day. For delicious minutes. Maybe hours. And, I feel my heart pulsating pure joy through the rest of my being when I’m in it.  In the vortex there’s only flow. No thoughts of false expectations or a disconnected society.  Just pure amazingness. I think that in these moments in the flow of the Universe, we feel closest to Home and Truth. As we are grounded in that flow, so are we open to receiving the insight we need. All possibilities are available for us.  And, I mean ALL possibilities.

In and Out of the FLOW

Those of us who spend so much time in the vortex know that coming out leaves us feeling strange and uncomfortable. But others of us who are unaware of this Bliss-flowing dimension may not know why they feel sick, unbalanced, stressed, un-welcomed etc.

So, why would anyone come out of the vortex, then? Well, maybe because getting back into it is one of those ultimate life lessons we all have to learn on some level.

Knowing how it feels to connect with your higher self, your purpose and your guides is LIFE-SHIFTING. I wish it for all of you. When you’re on the brink of making that ultimate connection, when something is about to click, a challenge often comes along to remind you that you’re human. And humans have choices. You can do this in the vortex with Universal Support, or you can work your bum off for it. And, even when you choose to do something alone, you are supported in the learning it provides you.

We’re pretty good at learning through struggle. But, now comes the opportunity to learn and grow without it. Nature really supports this type of growth right now. There is no hard work in the vortex. There is no struggle. It’s all flow. The creative person creates in the flow, and because it is a stream, he/she continues to be regenerated by her own creations. See, creating in the flow is like channeling Universal energy, an infinite source. You can’t get tired. You can only tire outside of that connection.

The creative person outside the vortex has a million ideas that stir up energy and manifest magic in the world, but because it happens outside of the vortex, there is a one-sidedness to it.  The one who creates as “work” digs deep for the answers using their own energy and often thinks they are alone. I’ve so been there. You have a goal, and you stay awake all though the nights, for too many nights, sacrificing joy to make it happen. But, even when the goal is manifested it doesn’t feel like enough. You feel me here?

I do the work I do in order to bring my own balance. Through sharing this with my clients and students, we both find that vibration. And, we cling to it as much as we can. When someone opens you up to your power, you get to experience the vortex through the mirror of a friend. When two or more people come together, the vortex vibration expands. As the energy expands it literally becomes easier and easier to align with. And, then, even on those days when you feel the need to struggle for the sake of some imposed-upon-you goal, your life experiences will lead you away from that struggle. This is when your mind will chant doubts and criticism, but you will transmute it through the joy you find in the flow of nature. Rewards, even small ones will start piling up as signs that you are on the right path.

Just last week, I sat having tea with a wise girlfriend. I asked her how she thought I could quickly manifest our Bliss Mobile and a few other things we need right now. She said “I think you should just vibrate where you want to be. Think about where you want to be and don’t worry how you will get there. Just dream about it. Keep seeing it…” Can this really happen? All I know is that it keeps happening for me. Every time I get in the vortex I get more of what I want and need. After quite a lot of practice, and I do think practice helps; I’ve been able to spend full days literally feeling full of Golden Light. And on these days I find 20 dollar bills, get gratitude emails, more hugs and love. It feels good to get the support we really need to THRIVE and we all deserve it. It’s here. It’s free and easy. And, it’s abundant. Take what you need. And THRIVE with me.

So, that’s why I’m vowing to stop trying so hard. If I really want to get stuff done, I know I’ve got to undo myself and that’s what I am doing.

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