Why I Roar

Sumatran-Tiger-HeroCuz I’ve got a Mama Bear in me. Cuz I’m CLEARLY part WILD cat.

Cuz my Sweet SISTAR used to Roar to me when my heart was broken. She’d crawl in my bunk and growl and roar LOUDLY until we cracked up. Until we almost wet our pants.

I ROAR cuz the wild women roar. It’s how we flush out our anger. It’s how we see the other side of our emotions and transmute the pain into light. It’s why I’m free. It’s why I can make a steak out of 3 peanuts. Cuz I Roar. I Roar Loudly when I need to.

MY ROAR CLEARS. It’s My Medicine. My offering to YOU!

And, I crawl into your bunk, roaring my wild cat roar bringing your strength to the NOW. Roaring your heaviness into the light of laughter.

And, then I sit quietly and take in all the BREATH and Bliss the empty space has to offer.

Why do you Roar?

 ROAR to Reset your Life and Health! 


Image Credit: http://assets.worldwildlife.org/photos/2090/images/hero_full/Sumatran-Tiger-Hero.jpg?1345559303

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