Money Healing: How to REALLY LOVE Your Money with Reiki and Meditation


Do you Love Money?   What was the last amazing thing you did with your money?

I bought my house. Paid in FULL. My family has an amazing place to live, and even travel in, and it’s all paid for.

I did that with my money. I love money. But, I used to equate it with greed and snobbery.

In July 2014  we got together with  some online family and did a global healing on all of the money flowing through our system. We noticed a MAJOR shift, and want to offer this deeper healing to you, if you missed it.  Simply  read along and  participate by adding your name to the list  in our “comment ” section. Your name and intentions will be added to our healing. 

When I first met my husband, I prejudged him thinking he was rich because his folks lived in a million-dollar high-rise.  Little did I know that we’d spend some of our days wondering what we were going to eat. Or where we were going to sleep. I grew up thinking that struggle was necessary for a good person.  I went to art school and hung with the “starving artists.”  There seemed to be something sexy about it. Some of my best writing came out of struggle and loss. It was partly how I defined myself.

Yet I also saw myself as rich and abundant, but lacked the language and experience to really define who I knew I could become. I didn’t know any successful, money-rich people who were loving, kind, generous and also LOVED what they did for a living. I also didn’t know anybody who didn’t work hard for their money.  So, there was that inner duality that was fueling me too.

But, after many years of keeping jobs in the mainstream and barely making ends meet, I  decided to make a living by helping people through heart-centered healing work.  And, I’d  probably already be rolling in cash if I had set my standards high enough. You see, I brought that same struggle mentality into my healing work. I’m a huge manifestor. So, I am quick to make things happen. I also have a very strong faith and trust in the good of the universe.  I know deep-down that my needs will always be met. But, it took me not manifesting many of my most basic needs, to really take a deeper look at my relationship with money. After some soul-searching — I discovered that at the rate I was going, with wonderful, generous clients and loving my work,  I would barely be able to afford food. I wasn’t charging enough. But, more importantly I wasn’t aware of my own needs. I was thinking in abundance, but limiting my own receiving. It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around and how easy making money can seem when perspectives change.

I’ve been called to bring this into the mainstream. That money is love and love is money. As all is energy and everything flows, so can money and love both move in and out of our lives. The energy of money needs to be fully transmuted into LOVE now, and we will see this happen as people share fully and freely invest their energies in light-work and things that raise our culture. We will see gifting communities rise, and people feeling much more fulfilled about their transactions. Many of us have taken vows of poverty that no longer serve us, and we are at a point in our three dimensional time, where there is a window for re-writing those contracts.

I am one who has held the feeling of lack and poverty for those who would otherwise not know hope. I’ve been strong in that I innately know the infinitudes of our vast universe. I may have spent some days lying to myself in lack, but I was replenished at night in dreams, and in connection with spirit — knowing that a time would come for these energies to balance. And true healing to happen. Have you felt this too?

There is something bigger going on in the Collective. And, as we re-write our contracts, we must realize that we can give back, and give to the Pacha Mama, those things that are not ours. You who are carrying lack, greed, hunger and struggle must know that it is not real. It’s as fake as it feels.

It’s no mystery to me why I chose to be an entrepreneur in a field where it’s quite possible for people to question the fact that I charge at all.  It’s a heavy life lesson because it contains much of my purpose as a transmuter.

The energy of money as we know it is already on its way to great change. On the solstice I participated in a global healing to unlock money-power from the 44 entities that held control over it on our planet.

It’s time to free the money power in our own lives. To ignite our power centers and burst open our hearts. For generations we’ve been skipping steps. Thinking that money was only for certain people. Once we delegated it to the greedy, we empowered greed. Money is a three dimensional energy, just like our personal power. And, what some of us have forgotten is that these magnetic energies of our gorgeous home-planet play a huge role in our ascension. And, I ask myself daily… How do I expect to ascend the lessons here, if I don’t explore and expand each and every one of them? Money is here because money is to be used. And, it is up to us to free the money and allow it to flow again. Back and forth, forth and back and all around us in the name of Love.

If every emotion can be transmuted into love, I know we can ascend what doesn’t serve us and feel whole. I’ve been called to transmute money into Love so that we can ascend its hold.I’ve detoxed it. Buried it in the earth. Given it and accepted it freely. I am told that lack is an illusion and I know this must be true. I now wish to free us from the energy of lack that allows some people to walk the grocery aisles pinching pennies and wishing they could afford more to eat, while others go hungry and some buy more than they need. I have felt and experienced each and every one of these energies more often than I’d like to admit. And, I know I’ve done it for the collective.So, as we ascend, let us let go of the hold money has on us. Let us look at it as particle, molecule, energy, quantum LOVE. I dare you today, in fact I double dare you to choose the mantra “I LOVE Money.” And dance with it. See where it takes you. Where are you with money? Honor where you are. And love enough and trust enough to laugh at this hold. To turn it into LOVE and spread it so far that it too dissolves and transmutes into what it truly represents…. Gift sharing, flowing communication, and true power. In the name of LOVE.—

Please Join Me on this Money Cleansing and Empowering Journey

There is a personal exercise to do on your own at any time.  and then a group meditation. Please start with the personal exercise to cleanse your own money first.


  • Go get some money. Make it as much money as you can find in a few minutes. If you have none, open your hands and feel this energy of me sending you all that you need.
  • Hold that money in your hand as you read on.
  • Take your memory back to a place where you bought something amazing with your money. See yourself handing out the cash, bill by bill with gratitude. Feel your heart smiling. Feel that smile naturally reappear on your face now. And, allow the energy of that smile to fill your heart, move down your arms and into your hands, filling that money with a new vibration. Bring the memory deeply into this moment, coloring it, feeling it, smelling it as if it is happening now, and continue to share that vibration with the cash in your hands.
  • Now, see yourself receiving money from someone. When was the last time someone shared with you so generously? Perhaps without you even having to do work at all? Feel it as if it were happening now, and allow your smile, to once again expand down your arms and through your fingertips into that money in your hand.
  • Continue to allow your money to receive your gratitude, painting pictures and memories of the many times you’ve had loving exchanges of this beautiful green paper. See so many of those experiences you’ve been able to buy.
  • Remember when you’ve shared money so freely. Perhaps even giving away the last you’ve had. Feel the gratitude come back to you.
  • Hold your money for as long as you need to, moving that energy of gratitude back and forth between the two of you.
  • Now, see the money in my hand also receiving this gratitude, and the energy in the other reader’s hands also receiving it. See the money in the cash register at your favorite store receiving your gratitude. See the money at your bank receiving it. See your neighbor’s wallet receiving it. See your mother and father, sister, brother and family receiving this magical sizzling money vibration. Completely empowered with love and gratitude.
  • When you feel finished, say a blessing on your money,  and write a love note on each bill.  You can use feathers, sage, Reiki or any method you feel called to use to clear any energetic residue.   Simply imagine that any negative energy has been transmuted. It is gone. Then, bring this money into the mainstream. Use some of it to buy something for you, something for a friend and use some to pay it forward. Taking this newly cleansed money out there into the world as using it, compounds the energy of using our abundance in the way it was meant to be used. To CREATE MORE ABUNDANCE.

And, then join me for a group distance meditation by entering your name and location in the comments below. This adds your energy to our already powerful meditative offering. You may also decide to take 11 more minutes of your time in a meditative state, connecting with this newly healed money and simply sharing gratitude with it.  You can do this by sitting quietly in nature and simply asking and imagining that you are connecting with us.

I will be sharing a Reiki Healing Attunement with a deep channeled healing that I was gifted in June of 2014 through visions and visits from the goddess Isis to all of those who sign up here with your name and location. it’s gonna be cool!

Enter your name in the comments below to be included.

If you’re ready to go even deeper we’d love to have you join us for  a totally rockin way to Own Your Magical Intuitive Power!

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