Home Birth: Unassisted Lotus Free Birth — Welcoming Violet Sky (Breech Healthy and Happy)

It’s almost been 10 months with this Angel in our lives. She’s walked since 8 months, has four teeth, says mama and hi, waves, and loves boobies.

Blissed Life

Here’s a glimpse of our free birth story. Violet Sky returned earth-side on Dec 8, 2013 at 311 am in the midst of a freezing Joshua Tree windstorm. The little fire-starter wanted nothing to do with the water birth we’d planned. She was born in our RV, amidst some sweet music; Nako Bear, Krishna Das and of course, Bob Marley.

She came butt-first, breech too, which was a huge surprise. And, when we recognized that the “thing” I intuited was “blocking her head” was in fact her bottom, nature kicked in. I rode the waves of each energy surge, allowing them to literally take over me. And with each surge, I screamed (also not planned), and i could feel her moving down.

At that point, none of our reading or planning remained in my consciousness. I was going in and out of my body and moving in ways I never…

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