Paradigm Shift: How to Change Your Timeline Reality

What is a timeline and how do I S20121106-084929.jpgwitch?

You are on one of an infinite amount of timelines available. What you are experiencing in your waking world is all a manifestation of your belief structure. To explain timelines we must first get a solid grasp on now. Right now.

When all of the research has been examined and all of the tests tested, there is no way to say definitively that I am not a figment of your imagination. I might write this post and then disappear the next moment, which would be beautiful. Though we experience on this physical plane with our avatars in conscious awareness of the environment, as real as that might feel, there is still no reasonable explanation for how we got to now. Right now, this physical and mental realm, this timeline is no more real than your dream state.

In western school we are taught the Big Bang as if it’s factual, and even if it is, then there is still the question of what energy created that explosion of life. I used to get light headed when I would think about this as a child. Now I am blissed out at the idea that there is no explanation that clearly shows how we developed to this NOW, and even if there was, how could it be accurate?

It’s truly amazing when you really sit down and think that we are nothing more than an idea. How liberating! How amazingly potential and vibrant are we. What power we possess in the knowing of who and where we are. Where is the planet, galaxy, universe anyways? The possibilities to live your life exactly the way that you want to are endless. Merry Christmas… Early (or late depending on your own excitement level).

So, are you having trouble with your timeline? Do you want to alter your course and float down another path more agreeable to your soul’s desires? It all starts with the acknowledgement of who and where you are. Really understand the truth, which is that life in its unexplainable existence is miraculous, and you are a part of that miracle. You inhabit a bio suit that you can program and you do program it. You taught your suit to walk through electrical impulses that you spontaneously created in your brain and directed through billions of cells into your legs. Magic.

Once you TRULY know where you are and how you got here, then it’s a matter of directing that energy towards your goals. I FEEL as if we are all here to experience. To me, the most logical explanation of my existence is to explore the world and all of its treasures. Maybe even get off Gaia for a bit. I used to work in office environments. I used to live a pretty normal life. Then, I realized who and where I was.

My life is wild at a minimum and I love it. I am constantly in awe of how amazing it is to be experiencing love, pain, and all the rest. I have lived in jungles, traveled off the path and found bliss in the most amazing places. I swam with jelly fish, dolphins, whales, sharks and everything else. Walked with royalty and peasants. I have traveled continents and hemispheres. I have touch healed people with my hands and astral traveled with my friends. I know what I am and I know that I am capable. I know that life is a dream and I am gonna live it merrily down the stream.

Know yourself and everything else will conspire with you to live your life’s journey. See your goals clearly, focus on the time and space that you want and start acting accordingly as if it is so now.

To switch your timeline, become aware of your current one and step consciously into the next through thought. This is the type of activity that is done with patience and a lot of awareness of your environment.

There are many ways to bring divinity into your life. I could write all day about different practices to increase personal energy and pursue your dreams, but it would be a long article.

We offer  classes to aid you in scratching that intuitive itch you get when you’re looking at life. There is more to be had from this reality. Breathe, focus, breathe. You’re already there, now.

Want to find out how you can Welcome more Bliss into your life? Check out our Three Days to Bliss-Ness toolkit… free!

One thought on “Paradigm Shift: How to Change Your Timeline Reality

  • Hey there, i cant so good englisch, but i have a question.
    Is it possible change to a timeline in a another year with astral projection?

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