To Vaccinate or Not: Your Decision

When I first became a mom, deciding whether or not to vaccinate my son was not in my realm of thinking. I didn’t realize that I had a choice in the matter. I thought that being vaccinated meant being safe against disease. I decided to raise the healthiest, happiest child, and follow the best advice about how to do that.




Parents are Vulnerable to Information from Experts

I put my trust in my mother and in my doctors, and chose really respectable physicians.  I’ve always had an investigative brain and a distaste for the idea of authority. But, when it came to my child, I gave in and trusted — reasoning that I couldn’t possibly know more than a doctor.  I had

done zero research into what vaccines do to the body, their ingredients or any other key facts that parents NEED to know.

I feel that there is danger in intelligence without spiritual direction. The idea of using only a small part of our brains. I was very knowledgable then, and I was full to the brim with false information provided by a one-sided source. We need to activate a whole-brain state when making decisions.
We can read books, websites and medical journals. We can talk to “experts” and those people with experiences, but if we don’t take in the information with our whole brains, and really consider it with our whole selves — we could be signing up for something that is false.

Please Think about This

How do you know what is true? How do you receive your information and discern truth? I know many people who have opted for vaccinations based on the “proof” they find coming from the vaccine makers and advocates.

Paul Offit, who speaks to the safety of vaccinations is a doctor who created a vaccine, patented a virus and cashes in each time our babies get a jab.  Do you think he will tell you that vaccines are unsafe?

And, many of my friends receive their vaccine recommendations from their trusted family physicians who themselves are not privy to the countless reputable sources of reported adverse effects and controversy. Doctors get their information from policy makers.

Often, there is the incorrect assumption that vaccines have undergone rigorous scientific screening including the gold-standard double-blind placebo testing required for all other pharmaceutical interventions. I know I believed that without question.

When doctors search outside their own box, MANY of them discover another story. Doctors risk losing their jobs if they go against policy. How can we trust them for individual care?

Parents get ostracized for questioning the efficacy and safety of what is required to be injected into our babies bodies. BUT DOCTORS get hung out to dry.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who set out to demonstrate the link between gut heath and autism (as per his findings with his own patients) lost his license and has been “proven” a quack because he found the vaccine connection and shared it. Even after the co-author of his work has been completely exonerated from the same charges.

Too many holistic doctors who had knowledge of the detrimental nagalase enzyme present in vaccines that inhibits the essential immune compound GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor), have been mysteriously murdered. Nagalase enzyme gets excreted by cancer cells and is also carried in viruses, like the ones in vaccines. GcMAF is essentially our bodies’ natural defense mechanism again such an attack. These doctors were helping people recover from the nagalase attack through use of GcMAF. Their facilities were shut down, and then many of them, including Dr. Jefferey Bradstreet, began coming up dead. I won’t go more into this, but you can trace many of the deaths to nagalase, GcMAF and vaccines.

So, if we want our doctors to really stick up for our individual health rights and needs, we need to stick up for them too. And, we need to take control of our health, and not place all of the responsibility on them.

We are constantly exposed to toxins, like fluoride in our water and glyphosate in our food supply, that shut off our intuitive decision-making abilities (pineal gland calcification), as well as most of our logical minds (brain swelling). It’s a wonder we’ve made it this far. Our innate immune system which resides primarily in our guts is dominated by beneficial microbiome that morph to help compensate for and alleviate these toxins.
And, then there’s the human spirit. We are kind of relentless at our core, aren’t we?  After all, we are only so passionate about this subject because it means the well-being of our babies. That’s why I know we can wake up and create real health for our families beyond what vaccinations can do.
If you decide to vaccinate your children and yourself, may it be YOUR choice. One that feels right for your family and one that IS right for your family. But, may you also have all of the correct information before you decide. 

In this reality, there are some people who try to convince us that certain ones of us have more power, wisdom and control over the rest. Therefore, if an authority figure highly recommends vaccination, we simply comply. The consequences for not following their suggestions are becoming more profound (mandatory vaccination in California with threats of SERIOUS repercussions) because people are waking up to the lies, walking in their own power and opting out of the forced attacks on our health. And, the false authorities like to keep the control flowing.

However, the consequences for following their suggestions are as serious as death or brain and body damage for our babies. 

But, how can I call vaccinations attacks on our health? They are supposed to improve health, and are often touted as the greatest medical discovery EVER! How do I know that the science that backs up my decision is valid? I cannot validate any science for or against vaccination, as I have not been present in the labs, and I have not seen Their Evidence first-hand. Nor can you validate anything you don’t know from first-hand experience. Please understand that.

We need to measure the science against our stories and understand that even our stories, if based on falsity are FALSE. We need to walk our stories though validation by opening up to the fact that we can be wrong. Then, practical experience trumps all — at least for me. The stuff I’m sharing here makes sense to me because it works in my family and with my clients.

I was living a false story. But, I began awakening out of it the day I connected my son’s vaccine injuries with his vaccines. Another mom helped me do that. Then, I had my son tested for toxins and got scientific validation that the toxins within his system are a direct correlation to the vaccines he had. Then, I was able to research and discover that  his behavior and regression into autism was a direct reflection of the viruses and metal poisoning he had.

Detoxing my son Dougie from these vaccine-induced injuries helped bring him back to us. We have done further observation and research to find out why Dougie expressed problems upon exposure to these toxic cocktails. Not everyone reacts like him.

But, that is not where our story ends. We have decided to take the power of our health into our own hands and find REAL IMMUNIZATION for threatening illnesses, and a balanced body, mind and spirit for thriving. I want a healthy family. Not just an unvaccinated family. 

The last time Dougie and I visited our Chicago, Lincoln Park, expensive, well-recommeneded pediatrician for injections…

There was a mother in the waiting room filling out paperwork and “coping” with her seemingly sick little boy– who looked to be about three-years-old.  It was 2005. I wheeled my stroller passed her, stopping for a brief moment and getting a sort of eerie feeling in my gut. But I wasn’t sure how to define that feeling, so I kept moving along. I was so much more shy at that time. So much more reserved. I heard the mom read out loud the word “autism” from the paper. I have to admit, I couldn’t help but focus on that word for a moment.  And, I still recall it as if it JUST HAPPENED. But, it was seriously just a moment before I went up to the registration counter with my hefty stroller to give my name and reason for visit. The mayor’s office had recently sent out a mass-mailing urging new parents to vaccinate their babies. It turns out that my son was a little late for a few of his injections.  So, I got an appointment right away.

At registration, the nurse told me that my son would not be able to get all of the needed injections in that one visit because they were not covered by my insurance.

The Small Set of Occurrences that Followed Completely Changed My Life

I was baffled as to why my insurance company would not cover NEEDED immunizations. Would my child somehow become ill and perhaps die because I didn’t have the right insurance? This couldn’t be. We were paying top dollar for western medical care in those days. Then I was baffled by the fact that the nurse didn’t seem to be bothered by the situation. Didn’t she want my child to be vaccinated? Didn’t she want him to be healthy?

I was getting a little fired up and asking what could be done

“Well,” she told me. “We do have a set of vaccines that we can give for free or for significant discounts when insurance doesn’t cover them, but I’m not sure if you want to do that.”

“Well, of course I do,” I told her. “Why wouldn’t I?”  “Because sometimes they have different ingredients,” she told me. “Wait, I said… are you saying that poor people get different vaccines?”

The woman didn’t exactly answer me, but my head was spinning. Well, I wasn’t going to sign up for those free vaccines then, I decided. Who knew what was in them?

I had her call my insurance company to solve the problem. In the end we were able to get 2 out of the 3 recommended shots.  The nurse administering the shots took Dougie’s weight and milestones beforehand. He was doing well for his age. She then said something about development and vaccines and that I didn’t have to do them. “What?” I asked. Why wouldn’t I want to create immunity for my child? What were these people suggesting?

I hadn’t even inquired about the ingredients in the vaccines my son JUST received, even though the option was offered to me

I was so conditioned.  And beginning to get confused (now, I’m learning that confusion is a great step out of the conditioning). I was actually offended that these choices were offered to me. This is why I have a soft spot for my naysayers. It’s hard to be told that everything you believe to be true is actually wrong.

Dougie did not regress into autism after that round of shots. He didn’t get a fever either. I had given him Children’s Motrin beforehand to prevent that. I really thought I was smart here. I thought ibuprofen was the safest choice due to my understanding that Tylenol (acetaminophen) blocks the necessary glutathione for your liver to detoxify poisons. I knew this because my father had liver illness and warned me of Tylenol (per his medical doctor) years before I became a mom.

I was always given the truth. I just didn’t see it.

A few days after that vaccination set,  we experienced Dougie’s first upper respiratory infection. A virus! In fact, it was his first illness. He was about 16 months old. He got the Croup. And, we were right back at the same Lincoln Park, expensive pediatrician’s office for steroids and more advice. This time the doctor shared that we should not use antibiotics unless he was in dire need. That confused me. She wanted to flush Dougie of his virus naturally. But, she didn’t tell me what natural alternatives existed. Only that the virus could just disappear.

I allowed my son to be vaccinated one final time. This time though the park district in our new suburban neighborhood. A nurse I knew HIGHLY RECOMMENDED the source. That was where she got her kids vaccinated.

I asked my husband to take Dougie for the shots. I was at work, and something in my gut felt wrong about it. But, instead of listening in and asking why I felt wrong — I DID succumb to the fear that my son would die from a disease that…. well, to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what they were vaccinating him for.

When I returned home from work, I experienced the worst day of my life up to that point. My baby was sitting on our over-sized green chair, staring into space, drooling. His eyes were not his. I can’t explain what I saw.  My Dougie was gone. 

That night he reacted with high fever, seizures, staring into space and completely lost his developmental milestones that he’d reached up to that point. He no longer responded to his name or could make eye contact. His skin color changed to a pale yellow. He developed chronic diarrhea. The pain list goes on.

I continued to see no correlation between vaccinations and his regression.  I did call a doctor after the shots and was told that the high fever and  diarrhea was likely a normal reaction and to just care for him. It would go away.  It didn’t. I was playing catch-up as the health problems seemed to domino.  And, we were at the doctor’s office sometimes twice a week for an infection or the simple desire for a mother to have healing and answers for her baby. I saw 5 Chicago doctors during that time. It was not until I sought a Naturopath for my own illness (I had also become very sick at this time), that I saw other possibilities for Dougie.

Vaccines may have been our trigger, but, I am of the belief that many other factors played a role in Dougie’s illness. (Candida and strep which was passed down from me, the use of infant formula and the stopping of breast feeding, the use of oxytocin/pitocin and epidural during labor, the use of antibiotics during labor, my own stress during pregnancy, and of course, my son’s own life path).  But, that vaccines are a trigger for the toxic part of what we call autism that can be avoided easily. I also believe that without having vaccinated him, he would have never regressed into an illness that was eventually labeled as autism.

I Share My Story because at the very least I can Attest to the Truth in it

I have also come to believe that vaccines are 100% toxic and unnecessary. And I will no longer vaccinate myself or my children. More importantly, I want to share that I came to my choice because I first realized that I have a choice. And, when you are making a choice, it is only fair that you have as much valid information as possible.

I share because what finally woke me up and helped me detoxify and heal my son were the stories and support from other families affected by vaccine poison.  I’ve since read, studied and interviewed countless experts and first-hand sources who agree with my beliefs.  But, to that I say… who cares? Who cares if people agree with me? Seriously… is science only valid if it’s posted in the Huffington Post or seen on 20/20? Find the science that supports this. Look for yourself.

When my son was ill, I had no time to research whether or not vaccines triggered his poisoning. All I could do was know he had poison in his blood and begin the detoxification process.  At that time, no doctor I saw knew anything about nagalase, or Lyme in the Hepatitis B shot.  We didn’t have all of the information we have now. But, we still healed.

There are plenty resources out there to define the reasons why you should vaccinate. And, I think they should  be studied regardless of your final decision. If vaccines were created to promote our health and prevent illness, we must understand how to do this without them. Or, we must shift completely out of that paradigm — which I finally did. It’s a journey of awakening consciousness, and there are steps and realizations along the way. It certainly doesn’t all have to come at once.  For me, the growth continues.

You Have a Choice

When government regulations are put on things that seem to be intended for our health, it can be difficult to see the mind-control behind it. But, we do live in a free society and are free to choose what to put into our bodies. Vaccines are a touchy subject because we are often made to think that there is an immediate risk to our health if we do not accept these injections. But, please consider that even in terms of simple characteristics of individuality, not every single person can handle a vaccination. They may be allergic to some the ingredients, and there are exemptions for this. What happens to people who can have adverse reactions to an ingredient in a vaccine? Do these people have a higher risk of getting the illness because they don’t get vaccinated? Do these people risk carrying the illness to others? We are now learning that there are other more serious factors that contribute to some people’s intolerance of vaccinations.

Children who already suffer a toxic overload for lack of an optimally functioning  immune system simply cannot handle the further poisoning. While children with known allergies can be immediately exempt from vaccines containing those ingredients, the latter group is likely to be unaware of this issue until it’s too late and a vaccine makes them sick.

Vaccines, like religion cannot legally be forced upon you. Furthermore, your rights are not granted to you by the law makers. You were born free. So, many exemptions exist.

I have a medical exemption which states that my son was injured from vaccinations and cannot tolerate more of them

My exemption comes from a medical doctor – an educated human who decided to receive a degree that gave him the letters “MD” after his name. While these exemptions are set up for us, I still find many parents tell me that they are afraid to explore them. If you do fear this idea, that perhaps you shouldn’t be vaccinating — ask yourself why you have that fear. I found my answers in breaking through my fears. I simply wanted the government to be correct for my son. I wanted vaccines to work because I’d already invested my energy into that system. He had already been vaccinated. So, if the shots were responsible for him getting sick, that meant I could have prevented it. A hard thought to swallow. I could only change once I became conscious of this conditioning.

As you may already know, I’m in a place where I could care less if the government wants me to vaccinate or not, provides me exemption or not — I know I’m free to decide how to raise a thriving family. Nevertheless, exemptions exist as a reminder that it is our choice. And, if they did not exist, the government would have to assume responsibility for the adverse affects.

As it stands already, vaccine courts have dished out large sums of money for families who’ve proven vaccine damage and links to autism. The Hannah Polling case was a ground breaker in that. It opened my eyes that while they are all but forcing us to get vaccinated for work, school, and travel, they are also admitting damage.

So What Can We Really Do?

Simply put, if we took time to understand our bodies and minds, we would not be so duped by the authorities (people who claim to know more about us than ourselves). For some, it is expected and admired to hand over our personal power and wisdom to other humans who are “the professionals.” The first thing I’d suggest doing is opening your mind to the possibility that there are better answers out there than injecting our children with heavy metals and formaldehyde (and other poisons) in order to prevent illness and create health.

Then begin asking questions like:

  • What is a vaccine?
  • Why do vaccinations still contain known toxins in this age of amazing medical advancement?
  • Why do we vaccinate with multiple doses of diseases that don’t occur together in nature?
  • Why do we still believe that people are dying from the flu and measles? What is the truth behind that?
  • Why do so many children become ill directly after a vaccine (fever, cold, seizures etc)
  • Who is making money from this?
  • How are people who are not vaccinating keeping their kids well?
  • How can we naturally create immunity or aversion to contagious disease?
  • Why do so many children have developmental disorders, food allergies, chronic colds, learning problems and autoimmune issues?
  • What are the connections to metal poison behavioral manifestations and autism behavioral manifestations?
  • Why do children with autism present tox screenings with ingredients found in vaccines, and why do their symptoms and behaviors of autism begin to disappear after detoxification of those poisons?
  • Why would we need to vaccinate for dead diseases or supremely low risk illnesses?
  • Why would the government mandate vaccinations, knowing that they cannot legally mandate vaccinations?
  • Why would people, regular people argue so heatedly in favor of vaccinating if there wasn’t some intentional mind programming included in the marketing?
  • Why are so many medical doctors, scientists and representatives from pharmaceutical companies gathering and speaking out about the dangers of vaccinations?
  • Why is the science that blows the whistle on vaccines getting mocked as quackery?
  • Why is it that accepted science is one-sided, pre-determined science?
  • Why are so many doctors not vaccinating themselves or their children?
  • Why would the establishment create such a rigid, one-size-fits all approach to vaccination when individuality in health needs seems to be touted in other realms of the medical world?

I would expect that the accepted science of our society would have a pretty good answer to all of those questions. 

Get Titered

You can find out if your child already has natural immunity to a given disease like measles by having a titer test.  While I have heard mixed reviews (to be expected) of the efficacy of titers, they are easily available. You can also use a titer test to determine whether or not your child would need further immunization.  For example, maybe you had her vaccinated and she is due for a booster shot, but you are weary of continuing on with the schedule. A titer will show you how well her shots worked. So, if titer tests work as they were designed to, a parent can find out what illnesses their child is immune to and at the very least avoid over-immunization for that illness. Doctors should be cool with this right?

Get Heavy Metal Tests

Find out what toxins your child already has in his or her system. You may be surprised to know that many children are born with a host of toxins. Children will express reactions to these poisons differently. These tests are now becoming widely available. We simply sent hair and blood samples to the lab by mail and had them read by our doctor. Since our bodies naturally detoxify through our urine, poop, hair and blood, you can choose varying tests to determine the level of toxicity as well how well the natural detoxification pathways are flowing. If you discover that your child is already working to alleviate lead and cadmium, (two toxins in Dougie’s system), you can then understand why it may be hard for them to release further toxins.

Test and Check for Digestion and Allergies

How is your child’s digestion?  So much can be told by understanding their poop. When a child is showing symptoms of indigestion of food, this very often leads to food sensitivities and allergies, and a child who is more susceptible to have adverse reactions to vaccinations.What we do not digest properly can leak from our gut ( gut lining is one-cell thick) into our bloodstream through a phenomenon called “leaky gut.”  Babies are born with a leaky gut so they can absorb their mama’s healthy microflora, and create natural immunity. Vaccines cause  and exasperate leaky gut. Again, this is only from my experience and research. By understanding the proper color, texture and yes even smell of their poop,  you can identify digestive health.

Autoimmunity happens when the gut becomes leaky and the body begins to attack human cells that look a lot like the foreign proteins that have leaked through. This happens with gluten leaking into the bloodstream. And, it happens with any indigested proteins as well as foreign proteins that are directly injected into your blood via vaccination. Your Gut is Your First Line of Protection. Vaccines surpass that natural first responder. 

Let’s Talk about DIGESTION Just a Bit More

Healthy poop should be walnut brown in color. It should come out smooth, without pain,  and have a smooth texture (no cracks, lumps or undigested food). It should be in one piece and break apart when flushed. If you are noticing constipation and little poop balls in the potty or diaper, this indicates a slower digestion. Undigested food particles means his or her body cannot break down those foods. I find that poop colored green means that they’re not receiving all the nutrients from their food. Really stinky poop or frothy poop indicates yeast,  parasites or bacteria depending on the stink.  Yeast literally smells like bread or beer and a bacterial infection smells hot and pungent.  You can smell chemicals and metals too. Gross? Knowing this can save your life.

Autism moms usually know way too much about poop because we understand that what happens in the gut really determines what happens in the immune system and brain (the whole body really). If your child has digestive problems, this can lead to developmental delay, and can lead to autism symptoms… especially if triggered by other toxic factors like vaccinations.


If your child has already been vaccinated, look back at your last experience. How did he/she react? Was there pain or bruising at the site of injection? Do some research about what other countries practice when a child has an adverse reaction like this to vaccinations.

Does your child have hyper activity or hyper sensitivity? Most of the children I meet have some of these symptoms, and they are not labeled with autism or seeking help for detoxification because their families think this is normal. It is somehow normal and fine to not feel amazing.  Does your child crave sugar or processed foods? Does your child have allergies? Get sick often? If so, was she always this way? How many vaccines has she had? What were the brands and ingredients in them? Get a sense of her health and any details related to vaccinating and write it down for your objective review.

Know the Ingredients You’re Agreeing to Inject

Ask your doctor for the vaccine ingredient list. Then cross-reference that with lists that you discover though your own research. And, very carefully read the consent form.  Take a look at the problems associated with aluminum toxicity and the other toxic ingredients you find. Not enough of us speak about this. A few years ago I shared a post called Vaccines Cause Microvascular Strokes which speaks to the problem with aluminum poisoning… something many of my clients have experienced. The doctor who shared this information was named Dr. Moulden. He worked closely with a family I coached in 2009. A doctor who was mysteriously found dead. Coincidence?

It’s not enough to know the ingredients. Find out what they can do to our bodies and KNOW what they can do when blended and injected into your child’s specific body.

After visiting many CVS and Walgreens pharmacies around the US in 2011, inquiring about their flu shots, I realized that more than half of the pharmacists I met did not know that mercury still in the shots — and, they were also unaware of the other toxic ingredients (or so they claimed). After asking  them if they would now share this new information with patients, I was told NO 100% of the time.  One pharmacist told me he did not know what thimerosal was.

I asked: “May I see your flu shot insert?” and “Do you know if it contains Thimerisol?”  He answered, “Thimerisol? What do you mean?”

Another pharmacist told me he didn’t see a problem with not telling anyone about the thimerosal who wasn’t asking about it. That was in Amarillo Texas.

Some Toxins in Common Vaccines and Their Side Effects


  • Aluminum:  Calcifies the pineal Gland. The amount of aluminum in the Hepatitis B vaccine alone is almost 14 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM THAT IS FDA-APPROVED.
  • Amino Acids:  “When we eat protein it is broken down into its constituent amino acids…if a foreign animal protein makes it into our bloodstream without having being broken down this can set up an autoimmune type response…By injecting things never meant to be in the body we are not only bypassing body defenses but wrongly activating other defenses.” — Dr. Robyn Cosford
  • Formaldehyde (or Formalin): Causes Cancer
  • Benzethonium Chloride: Causes Seizures etc

You can see the above website for a complete list. There are countless other websites out there which share stories of the vaccine falsities being brought to the light.

Aborted Fetal Cells

Yes, these are in some vaccines. And, the way they are retrieved is chock-full of an agenda to control who gets born and who doesn’t. Planned Parenthood was recently exposed through video, striking deals to retrieve a certain number of fetuses for big money and scientific purposes. That aside (but how can you put that aside when adding this up?) how do you think it effects our bodies when we inject manipulated human cells into your blood?

Add it Up

What is the result of multiple doses of toxic ingredients administered through the muscle tissue of a developing child?  How can someone with an underdeveloped immune system, who is possibly at risk for actually catching a disease that we have a vaccine for,  actually benefit from the vaccine? And, why would someone who already has a strong immune system need a vaccine?

A child under 2 still does not have a fully functioning immune/digestive system, and cannot incorporate potential vaccine benefits, if there are any.

Do you think it’s possible to delay vaccination and simply choose to vaccinate against what parents feel are the most potentially harmful diseases for their family? Do you think it’s possible to test our children for how they might respond to vaccinations individually? Do you think it’s possible that we are being asked to take too many vaccines –many of which we don’t need,  and that stopping this can strongly reduce the ill effects? I do. Think it’s possible, that is. But, I won’t gamble with my own children. 

Do you think its possible that we can stop fighting each other as parents who want all of the best for our children, and create alternative immunizations, based on individuality? That’s why I do for my children.

I see children falling into autism and severe vaccine reactions at very young ages. Yes, I have known of a grown child who became paralyzed after the HPV vaccine.  But most severe reactions that I’ve seen occur when the immune system is underdeveloped and it is being intentionally overloaded.

And, that my friends is why I call vaccines attacks on our health. They are targeting our babies. Scientists know that our kids can’t handle the toxic overload, and they mandate it anyway.

A New Way

My unvaccinated daughter has never had a booger. In 9 1/2 months of life, she’s never let out a cough, never had diarrhea, never puked (only spit up a few times when she ate too much in her first month). Her skin is clear and always has been.  She’s never had a diaper rash. She had a spot of cradle cap which went away as soon as I stopped using coconut oil on her tiny little head. She’s the perfect weight, shape and smell.  She giggles and responds to her name. She has been walking for a month and a half. She says “hi” and waves. She shakes her head “no” when I say “yes.” She is far more engaged than any of the vaccinated babies I know of her age and even older. This may just be anecdotal, but it is my story. And, it happens to be the same story I hear from clients who have stopped vaccinating their kids after having had vaccine injury in the family. I wonder what would happen if we didn’t damage our kids’ brains right from the start, and instead let them develop into THRIVING beings? Violet will let us know.

My first child had documentable vaccine injury and an autism diagnosis.  I received a heart-felt message from our original  expensive Lincoln Park pediatricians who completely understood how Dougie became sick and offered their sincere support.

My story is not unique. I help families remove the toxic build-up and find their children again. I cringe every time I hear that a friend or family member has vaccinated their child.  I pray their bodies can take the damage. I see the allergies, the inability to focus,  and the patterns of getting sick too often and I get really upset. Good parents are being duped by a government with an agenda to keep us sick.

Vaccinating is our decision. And, I am saddened by the idea that so many of us are deciding based on a whole heap of falsehoods.

I want for you what I want for me. To Thrive. Whether you vaccinate or not, I want you to take control of your health. To make decisions for you based on what your body needs.

You can really THRIVE. We are powerful beyond measure and if we can access health in our own bodies, then we can begin to scratch the surface of our capabilities.

Do your research. Take your time. Learn to build immunity for your family with the proper foods that work for you.

In the future we will continue to see proof that even more of their studies proving the efficacy of vaccinations have been falsified.

Do You want to learn our tools for THRIVING? Learn how to muscle test for your unique needs? Learn how digestion, emotion, environment and even your THOUGHTS play major role in shaping your health? Say Yes!! We’d love to welcome you. 

I’ll continue to share more info on how you can build a thriving family. But, it all starts with a decision to do so. Check out our free Bliss Toolkit to see some things that helped us start. 

In Love and Health,


Helpful Resources: I double Dog Dare You to read all of them and find more of your own.

GC protein-derived macrophage-activating factor decreases α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase levels in advanced cancer patients.:

Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Microvascular Damage:

Do Salk Shots Really Prevent Polio?:

Anti-vaccine doctor behind ‘dangerous’ autism therapy found dead. Family cries foul:

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push:

Merck Whistleblower Suit A Boon to Vaccine Foes Even As It Stresses Importance of Vaccines:

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 Why The FDA is Warning Americans about Ibuprofen :
Study: Evidence that Acetaminophen, Especially in Conjunction with Vaccines, is a Major Cause of Autism and Asthma:

The infant gut microbiome: New studies on its origins and how it’s knocked out of balance

Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients:What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know?

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