UnSchool of Life: Undoing the Mundane Routine

Looking back at this post after four years of unschooling, I am grateful to say that Dougie reads and comprehends at a college level ( at age 10), and gets to spend so much time learning through nature. He cares for chickens, cooks his own food, has written books, animated films, and so much more. Unschooling is really about removing the obstacles that society sets for children who are trying to find themselves in this world. please let us know if you have any or need any unschooling tips.

Blissed Life

As a kid, I refused to wear jeans. From the ages of 9-13, stretchy pants were IT for me. It was a comfort thing, mostly. I’m ultra sensitive to the touch of scratchy fabric. Still. But, I also needed to express my differences. I spent most of my days just on the outskirts of the “in” crowd, and was totally okay with it. My husband grew up expressing his differences in the ways lots of boys do. I’m not at liberty to spill exactly what that means. But, somewhere in our charts de destiny — we have been dreamily aligned to raise a “different” child. But, believe me — we didn’t set out to do anything outside the “norm” when it came to starting our family. We did the doctor appointments, the pampers, the birthing classes. Soon enough, that fizzled though. And, even before my little Dougie’s health began to…

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