HomeSchooling Co Op Online

468609_10152862816445198_2036192250_oHomeSchool, UnSchool, OldSchool, and Just plain Conscious Families out there…. Dougie and I are looking for more adventure!

Here are some ideas: 

We are interested in connecting online, face to face with you for conversation or themed sessions during the week! We Love the ap Zoom which allows up to 45 computers to connect at once.

We are also interested in creating a pen-pal group where we can send letters and packages via the old- fashioned USPS (or International, of course)
Aaaaand, we are now in Chicago and will be heading back to San Diego next month so in-person play dates are a must too!
This year’s whole theme is centered around Healing Our Children :: Healing Our Planet! That’s where our heart are. That’s where our work and gifts are. How can we serve our children and planet together? Message me here at to connect.


Themes and Options for Co-Sharing

I am stoked to share any and all of these options with you and so is Dougie!

  • Astrology inspired Daily Un-Lessons: Our days are named after planets for a reason. Each planet has an energetic influence on us. In our family we explore the planetary energies and how they relate to what we are doing and feeling. Many of our exercises are designed around this idea. On Mondays, (Moon Days) we discuss  the importance of honoring our emotions. On Wednesdays (Mercury Day) we do activities centered on communication.
  • Real Life Learning: Dougie is interested in  being a chef, a chiropractor, a film maker and writer (and sometimes a host of other things). We take time during the day to make story-boards, create characters (drawings, written descriptions, clay or dolls for actual characters), record scenes and discuss (with online help) lighting, directing and fun film related info. We also do a lot of cooking and recipe creating, practice energy work and  yoga, dance and physical exercises.
  • Kids teaching Kids and Kids teaching Grown-Ups: We love to have Dougie research absolutely anything he is interested in from an iPad App to a list of movie directors and then share with us what stuck with him.
  • Rituals and Celebrations: Everyone Loves a Party! We have at least one reason to celebrate each week that we love to really emphasize. Whether this is celebrating a cultural, astrological or historical holiday or special date, or even making one up — we create a special meal and  a project and ceremony that reflects our celebration.
  • Interactive Reports: We read and study so many things, and we love to have Dougie create a vision-board or 3D project-type report where he is able to share what he learned in a multi-media manner.
  • Discussions: We feel its important to have discussions about what our child is thinking, feeling or needing to learn. Sometimes we need to stop the “learning” portion of our day and really drop in to a physical, mental or emotional need he has (like rest, quiet, food, energy work or massage). This is the awesome part of homeschooling and unschooling.

Beginning Our CoOp

A Slow and Steady Start to Lasting Awesomeness

  • We will begin by connecting this week Wednesday, 1/28/15 at 3:30 pm cst on Zoom ( download the app at for a sharing on Wednesday and Communication. I will share first and guide us through introductions. The session will be dedicated to sharing some Wednesday and Planet Mercury Inspiration.
  • Please send me an email to be included in this FREE GIFT!
  • Check back here for more information on opportunities to share and connect with other homeschooling and unschooling families.
  • Wednesday begins the first of many activities we can do together, and we are creating a way to allow it to flow with ease. This means that in the future we will  require an energetic or financial contribution to the CoOp to keep it running. 
  • If you feel called to share a gift and help our children learn from your heart, reach out to me!

Much Love and Talk Soon!







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