Unschooling Monday Moon-Day Mayhem: Getting Angry and Loving It!

Those chocolates are a combo of raw organic coconut oil, raw cacao powder, sea salt, raw honey, and fresh raw almond meal! we blended, molded and froze for about an hour. Great Moon Fudge ❤

The Moon influences the way we feel. Think about it. Notice when your emotions are high or low, when you feel more-so reflective, dreamy or passionate, and then take a look at the shape of the moon.  Or find out what sign it is flowing through at the time.

Of course, astrology being the first science, there is a great deal of information about how the stars above inspire the way we think, feel and act. The Moon tends to have a more noticeable effect on us Earthlings because it is so close. (I’m aware of many theories about how and why the moon was created including the idea that our current moon is a hologram. But, I decided to make this post short).

Each day of the week was named after a planet (God/Goddess). And as  an UnSchooling mom, I’ve shared with you that Dougie and I love to center our activities around what these planets have to teach us.

So, today was all about the moon. And emotions. We discussed how all emotions are good. We talked about what we love to do when we are happy or angry. We made some raw chocolates because chocolates open our hearts. Is there any better emotional food on our planet? (And yes, I know chocolate was a gift Jesus brought from Venus).

And then we ROARRRRRED! We stomped our feet, yelled and let anger flow through from our guts. Dougie and I had a yelling match in the kitchen and then fell to the floor laughing. My throat still hurts. We didn’t direct the energy at each other. We instinctively just let it out. 

I decided to do this because I was getting pretty angry myself in the moment. And, Dougie mentioned that it’s not good or nice to be angry. So, I considered that even though on the surface,  I believe all emotions are healthy to express, I’m still allowing for him to see otherwise. It helped me see that I had definitely held back my own anger waiting for a safe time to express it. I’m super patient. I’ve stuffed a lot in.

I UnSchool to help my son break through patterns that were preset for him. Both societal and familial programming that just doesn’t work anymore. During our journey, I have broken through many of my own programs. But, anger or inconvenient emotions at inconvenient times have always been something I wanted to break. Today was the day. All Bliss broke loose. My face looked like the scowl Dougie drew on the balloon pic above.  Although he says that wasn’t me he drew!

Dougie has been very angry for a very long time. That’s not to say he hasn’t been blissful, peaceful, happy, understanding and all of those lovely emotions as well. But, he has lacked a way to properly express his anger and he takes it out on me all of the time. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. We have Roth 5 Rhythm-ed it, art-ed it, taken breaks, showers, naps, runs, walks, movies, conversations.

But, what did I not cultivate? The actual safe release of anger!

Look, we don’t know where all this stuff comes from. It’s build up. An undigested lunch can trigger an emotion. But, an inconvenient emotion is harder to deal with, especially if there isn’t permission to do so. I have conveniently stuffed any inconvenient anger in a little bliss pouch to be dealt with when I “have time.” Well, now’s that time!

What emotions have been inconvenient for you and your family? How can we release them in really satisfying ways? Dougie and I are so not done with this! But, we have had so much fun! Anger, fear, frustration, joy, peace, excitement… they are all emotions we need to express when we are having them. Let’s create safe places for ourselves and our kids to allow these feelings to flow.

Dougie and I spend each day together journeying through the Bliss and (Challenge) that is Unschooling! Over the years, we have loved celebrating the intricacies of our day. 

We’re reaching out to help parents of special needs children with a NEW ONLINE TELE-COURSE that teaches you how to use vibrational healing and certifies you as a Reiki Level 2 Energy Healing  practitioner so that you will have all the tools needed to help your family THRIVE.


In Bliss, Gina

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