A Note from Autism #2


I am an energy that is moving through much of the youth today in order to help wake the Earth up to your Ascension.

As soon as I am understood and accepted, I can flow through, leaving no trace of harm.

I am here to re-define normal.

I am here to show you what is making you sick. Such as the poisonous pharmaceuticals and chemicals in our water and food system. Such as your complete disconnect from nature. Such as the mandated poisoning of our children through vaccinations and chem trails. Such as the intentional mind-control that clouds most of your minds.

Normal is no longer cutting it. I come through people who want to THRIVE. Who have the drive to do something amazing for themselves and their HUMAN race, and have sacrificed what you would consider a “normal” life to have a new experience. I may cause sickness. I may cause pain. But trust me, I’m not here to hurt anyone.

I am not meant to break you down. I am meant to show you how to heal.

I am encoded with healing. I know how to do it. I can show you. But, you will have to be open to seeing things the way I do.

Thank You for Listening.

Join Us in helping our Angels Thrive!  This Class is our heart offering to you. We’re reaching out to help parents of special needs children with a NEW ONLINE TELE-COURSE that teaches you how to use vibrational healing (with food, touch, intention and even from a distance) and certifies you as a Reiki Level 2 Energy Healing  practitioner so that you will have all the tools needed to help your family


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