A Note from Autism #3

People say that an overload of sensory output comes from an overload of sensory input.

Sure, that can be true. But sometimes I want you to understand that I don’t see my process of relieving my overload as disturbing and I don’t want you to either. It’s just my process. Some stuff in me isn’t pretty to look at. And, I’ve got to get it out. Other times, It’s just me sensing the world in the way I need to, in order to understand it.

What I would like is if you could help me to feel more at ease in my skin. Understand that what I eat and how I process toxins including the energy of judgment and ignorance add to the “overload” I experience.

Please feed me as if you were feeding an angel. Make me strong by feeding me foods with a strong vibration. And, help allow me to receive the healing frequencies of good lighting, music, sound, movement, activity, touch and people who get me.

Keep me protected from the energies of false judgment and ignorance. Keep me safe from labels that don’t define me and expectations and limitations that are not in my truth.

Thanks for Listening.

Join Us in helping our Angels Thrive!  This Class is our heart offering to you. We’re reaching out to help parents of special needs children with a NEW ONLINE TELE-COURSE that teaches you how to use vibrational healing (with food, touch, intention and even from a distance) and certifies you as a Reiki Level 2 Energy Healing  practitioner so that you will have all the tools needed to help your family


3 thoughts on “A Note from Autism #3

  • I’m so grateful for this article! There’s so much I need to understands about my Ariel; with all the violent outburst, tantrums and lack of concentration. I feel drained and lost at the end of everyday and most times, I’m anxious and angry. I don’t feel like we’re living a full life, let alone thriving. (as we are all meant to thrive) I know she’d mirroring a lot of the negativity I project, and I feel like I’m adding to the problem.

  • Yey!! Wow , as she yes Mummma ma ( my heart melts, i have yearned for this for 8 years )n She calls my name like an angel, I know she is, she has changed so many lives already a six, I wonder why, how , why me, why? But I know that she smiles & looks in my eye like she looks at me as if I know more, I do, I know love is all that she adores, I have to do better, to find more inside I have & do but so much more to see, Good god , I really need someone gracious to help me, It boggles me , her frequency not only 5 minutes ago was very different, ( how many seasons do we visit in an hour , in a hour, depends greatly on us, I feel so open to what she has to say, yet so block by .. I don’t know what to say~ the very best food I can know ? The puzzle is so well placed with 52 bits still that don’t seem to match as best I try, ) I really want to help , I feel like I have so much , so so much from her , & so much to offer her if she wants it, I would so love to be a special part of any insight that she can offer, How do I sign up? Love you Gina

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